DALLAS, TX, July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenergy Brands, Inc. (Ticker:  ZNGY), the nation's leading next-generation utility, announced today that it has closed a Zero Cost contract with a Texas-based franchisee of a well-known fast food restaurant chain, in a deal worth an aggregate contract value of $393,969.60.

The Managed Energy Services Agreement (“MESA”) encompasses a 7-year agreement for energy efficiency and conservation technology installations across eight of the franchisee’s locations in the South East Texas area. Zenergy’s recently filed Form 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) details revenues generated from the Company’s trademarked energy efficiency and conservation solution—the Zero Cost Program™, and can be accessed here.

“We are excited about this partnership and hopeful that this deal marks the beginning of an upward trend whereby we can secure more Zero Cost contracts with other similar franchisees,” said Zenergy Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Jeff Bay-Andersen. “In fact, we have already commenced discussions and early stage engagements with three more franchisees in recent weeks.”

Through its flagship Zero Cost Program, Zenergy continues to provide conservation and sustainability products and services to commercial, industrial, and municipal end-use customers at no upfront cost while giving them an economic benefit and reducing demand on the respective power grid via a reduction of utility consumption. These MESAs are designed to decrease Zenergy clients’ utility consumption by 20 to 60 percent courtesy of the various smart controls and energy conservation and smart control technologies that the Company installs at their respective service locations.

This win-win solution enables Zenergy clients to upgrade their older, inefficient energy infrastructure while leaving a lasting positive impact on the environment, all without incurring any upfront capital expenses. Instead, the clients make a monthly service payment, which is calculated from the forecasted savings to Zenergy in exchange for the benefits of the installed energy conservation and efficiency technologies.

For this particular Zero Cost contract, post-installation of Zenergy’s energy conservation and efficiency technologies, which include Lighting, HVAC Controls and Refrigeration upgrades, the franchisee is forecasted to experience a 27% reduction in annual energy consumption (kWh usage), which represents over a half-million in gross dollar savings over a 10-year period. Zenergy’s analysis also estimates that this reduction is equivalent to removing 1.4 million pounds of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere – or not burning over 710,000 pounds of coal each year.

A running data analysis of the impact of Zenergy’s Zero Cost Program to date is on display in real time on the company’s customer-facing website, www.whatiszenergy.com.


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