Momentous Entertainment Group Files Trademark Application on Its New Cryptocurrency Platform

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc. (“Momentous” or “MEG”) (OTCBB:MMEG), announces today that it is in development of a new cryptocurrency platform and service titled DC OFFERINGS™ (Digital Currency Offerings).  On May 18, 2018, Momentous filed the initial trademark application on the DC OFFERINGS™ service and system. 

Andrew Birnbaum, Momentous’ Chief Digital Currency Officer, has been instrumental in identifying specific unmet needs for the holders of cryptocurrency within the public marketplace and within the investor community. Public markets seek investors and shareholders to invest in their companies; digital currency holders are frustrated by the current lack of ability to diversify cryptocurrency gains into publicly traded or private equity markets.

Momentous, through a wholly owned subsidiary, Financial Equity Partners, Inc., introduces DC OFFERINGS™, one of the first platforms to be available on the World Wide Web that is a virtual tradeshow  for investors with cryptocurrency assets and for corporate issuers seeking capital. Momentous targets mid to late Q3 for initial public implementation of the platform using a Momentous private debt offering as its first offering.

DC OFFERINGS™ bridges the gap in allowing investors to use cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as an investment into a target company without conversion to fiat currency first. DC OFFERINGS’™ platform is now in the final stage of development where investors enter an online portal that allows the investor to apply for all legal, regulatory and security requirements at one place, at one time to allow the use of cryptocurrency for equity or debt investments in Momentous.

DC OFFERINGS™ will soon introduce cryptocurrency owners to make investments into other publicly traded U.S. Companies other than Momentous upon satisfying regulatory approval.

Peter Bianchi, Momentous’ EVP of Consumer Products, is part of the team assisting Andrew in developing this cryptocurrency investment system.  Peter is using his years of experience in implementing successful product branding campaigns and is positioning DC OFFERINGS™ as a first-to-market innovator for the digital asset investor.  Peter recently said: “This process and portal is revolutionary. Our new platform and service will allow the cryptocurrency owner the ability to diversify cryptocurrency holdings and to lower their overall portfolio risk levels. I believe we are pioneering this direction of investing, and it will have the same impact that innovative companies such as E-Trade and Scottrade/TD Ameritrade have had on current market trading in the past.”

Momentous’ CEO Kurt Neubauer added: "We are excited to be the first company, that we know of, to offer investors an available alternative investment platform option for their cryptocurrency.  After successfully completing the first phase of Momentous’ ability to take in cryptocurrency as an investment medium and immediately converting it to fiat funds for capital growth paves the way for the further development the DC OFFERINGS™ program.”  Further, Neubauer opined, “They say history repeats itself; this new cryptocurrency system and its technology reminds me of the industry changing effect that Datek’s trading platform had in pioneering online stock trading in the late 1990’s, one that was eventually acquired by Ameritrade in 2002 in a $1.3 billion dollar deal.” 

To request more information about DC OFFERINGS™ visit this link:

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