Olympic Medallist launches activewear company to help young athletes get to the Olympics

New Westminster, British Columbia, CANADA

NEW WESTMINSTER, British Columbia, July 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canadian Olympic Medallist and World Champion swimmer Brent Hayden, along with his wife, Lebanese/Canadian singer/songwriter Nadina Zarifeh, break into the activewear market by offering a new line for men and women that will help fund local Olympic journeys.

Stemming from the Latin phrase “Ad Astra Per Aspera” (to the stars through challenge) Astra Athletica creates high quality activewear to be a vessel to serve as a daily reminder to keep chasing your dreams while supporting dreams at the same time.

The collection of men's and women's activewear is currently helping 9 inspirational Canadian athletes fuel their Olympic and Paralympic dreams through a sustainable approach to athletic sponsorship called the #ASTRA10for10 program. When customers shop at Astra Athletica, they have a chance to sponsor an athlete directly with their purchase. By selecting an athlete, Astra will give that athlete 10% commission and the customer will receive a 10% discount off their order. Customers can also get to know the athletes by reading their inspirational stories before choosing which athlete they want to support. Our complete list of athletes is available on our website: https://www.astraathletica.com/pages/our-athletes

“My Olympic journey would never have been possible without the support I received along the way,” said Brent Hayden. “Growing into a national level athlete, suddenly there were more expenses that my parents just couldn’t afford on their own. I know that if I didn’t receive the support when I did, I would have had no choice but to leave my sport and I never would have become a World Champion or Olympic Medallist. I created this program to make sure our athletes get the same opportunities I had to chase their dreams.”

Furthering their commitment to Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, Astra Athletica has partnered with Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific and PacificSport Fraser Valley as an official apparel supplier.

“We believe that good companies do good in their community. But we need your help to share our story. Brent and I are looking forward to connecting with you,” says Nadina Zarifeh.

To experience Astra Athletica, please visit our website: https://www.astraathletica.com

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Brent Hayden & Nadina Zarifeh

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