OEG: Conclusion of merger agreement with Odyssey Europe AS

Tallinn, ESTONIA

Olympic Entertainment Group AS (“OEG“) hereby informs of its entry into a merger agreement (the “Agreement”) with its parent company, Odyssey Europe AS (the “Odyssey”). Pursuant to the Agreement, OEG as the transferring company shall merge with and into Odyssey as the acquiring company ("Merger"), and in the course of the Merger the shares of the minority shareholders of OEG shall be taken over by Odyssey in accordance with Section 4211 (1) of the Estonian Commercial Code. The Agreement is attached to this announcement and is available on the webpage of OEG http://www.olympic-casino.com.

This announcement supplements the information published on 06.08.2018 at 15:16 CEST. The disclosure date of the Agreement is 06.08.2018.

Madis Jääger
Olympic Entertainment Group AS
Tel + 372 667 1250
E-mail madis.jaager@oc.eu  



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