San Francisco, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- San Francisco-based productivity software company, Hugo, today announced the integration of its meeting notes software with Zoom Video Communications. As one of the first integrations in Zoom’s new marketplace, the integration combines the two platforms to create an end-to-end online meeting solution.

“In observing how our U.S. customers were using the platform, we identified that a Hugo meeting is four times more likely to take place on a Zoom call than the second most prevalent video-conferencing provider,” said Josh Lowy, co-founder and CEO of Hugo. “We realized that our users were doing the same two things for every meeting - joining the Zoom call and taking Hugo notes, switching browser tabs throughout the call. Consequently, we realized that, in conjunction with Zoom, we can close that loop and provide a great experience for our shared customers.”

Hugo brings teamwork back into meetings with a meeting note platform that makes insights shareable and actionable. It automatically integrates a team’s meeting notes with all of their favorite applications, including Slack, Salesforce, Jira, Trello and now Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications. Together, Hugo and Zoom allow users to join Zoom meetings directly from Hugo. From there, Hugo users can playback the Zoom audio recording alongside their meeting notes and view a transcript of what was discussed right next to their team’s notes and actions. Teams work better together and are more customer-centric, saving hours each week while delivering more for their customers.

Zoom’s focus on transparency, customer happiness and meeting efficiency is well aligned with Hugo’s mission and vision. In analyzing their aggregate customer data, the Hugo team identified that meetings held on Zoom are 20 percent shorter than regular meetings, are twice as likely to start before 10:00 am and allow 50 percent more people to attend.

“Hugo enables our team at Custora to work effortlessly, cross-platform, and stay focused on being the ultimate transparent, customer-centric organization,” said Asher Waxman, Director of Partnerships at Custora, a Hugo customer. “Connecting Hugo with Zoom is the final piece of the puzzle in making our meetings truly shareable and actionable. In one click, we can launch a Zoom call via Hugo and take notes that are automatically shared with the team via Slack, synced with Salesforce and turned into Trello cards. Additionally, the Zoom transcript and recording linked to our meeting notes is a huge benefit in keeping an accessible record for the team. To us, that’s the future of meetings and team collaboration.”

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San Francisco-based Hugo has re-invented meeting notes with the first team meeting note platform that connects teams - keeping everyone on the same page with truly shareable and actionable meeting notes. The Hugo platform is where your team shares and transforms meeting notes into action. It brings your calendar, chat and productivity apps into the note-taking experience for your team, making meeting insights shareable and actionable across the business. The outcome is a more aligned team, better-serviced customers and one source of truth for your business' most valuable knowledge. For more information, please visit

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Custora, the leading cloud-based retail customer intelligence platform, helps retailers drive incremental revenue by making better use of their customer data. Companies use Custora to acquire higher value customers, increase purchase frequency, and improve team efficiency. Custora serves more than 100 customer obsessed brands around the world including Nordstrom, Ann Inc., Tiffany & Co., Crocs, and Teleflora. Based in Manhattan, NYC, Custora is a Y Combinator company, and is backed by prominent venture capital firms and angel investors.
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