BOSTON, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kings Dining and Entertainment is a business at the forefront of the social-scene and gaming experience industry. All Kings locations boast a diverse menu, cocktails, games, and bowling lanes all accompanied by an upscale, retro decor and the best service in the industry.

With their operation expanding, Kings needed a VoIP phone system that could accommodate their growth and connect employees working at remote locations. What’s more, the staff at Kings had experienced technical failures with their previous phone system. If the company was going to grow as its leaders believed it could, they needed to find a VoIP solution provider that could provide scalable solutions coupled with excellent customer experience and solution support.  

Kings selected Votacall to facilitate their expansion efforts and ease their technical issues. Kings’ VP of Operations Technology Erin Callahan said that the choice to switch to Votacall made sense on a several levels.

It was clear that Kings’ top priority was selecting a hosted VoIP solution backed by a “white glove support” structure.  This requirement made the Votacall hosted VoIP solution the most attractive option as it is a fully managed service including 24x7 support.

“Votacall has always gone above and beyond to reach out if a location service has been interrupted sometimes before the location has realized this,” said Callahan.  “We’ve had unforeseen disastrous issues with a location (unrelated to Votacall) and as our managed voice provider, Votacall always works to help us get a solution to in place."

The functionality of the Votacall cloud phone system has also eliminated potential growing pains for the Kings.

“Votacall has helped from a guest perspective in the ability to transfer guests between venues,” Callahan said. “Also, if the internet goes down we can re-route calls to another location unnoticed by the guest. There is so much more flexibility to what we can do now than with the previous system.”

After implementing Votacall, Kings has fully integrated communications across the corporate landscape and streamlined support in the process.  These two advantages have simplified the expansion process for Kings and therefore positioned them for success in the future.


Kings Dining & Entertainment was established in 2002 (as Kings Bowl) in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay inspired to merge genuine food, creative cocktails, and social gaming to create the ultimate entertainment experience. Since then, they’ve expanded across the country with each Kings location bringing this inspiration to life with upscale, retro-inspired décor and best-in-industry service.

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