SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Zenefits announced the build-out of its Certified Broker Partner (CBP) program, a nation-wide network of forward-thinking benefits and insurance consulting firms. New members of the program include: NFP, The Horton Group, ABD Insurance and Financial Services, and The Capital Group.

Today’s news accelerates Zenefits broader strategy to solve one of the nation’s toughest challenges: simplifying how organizations with less than 500 employees — which make up 99.7% of America’s businesses — can connect their people to the right health, benefits and wellness solutions. 

Zenefits launched its unique joint-investment partner program in September 2017. Inaugural partner, OneDigital, helped prove out this new tech-savvy industry model to deliver and support its own industry-leading client advisory services. OneDigital, and all of the new progressive brokers in the growing CBP program, are embracing Zenefits People Platform technology to advance their practices and make it even easier for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to evaluate, select and manage employee healthcare and benefits options that best fit the needs of their modern workforces.

"The insurance market is being disrupted and we applaud the efforts of some of the country's largest employers, like Amazon and Apple, who are attempting to galvanize their clout on behalf of their employees," said Jay Fulcher, CEO and Chairman at Zenefits. “Zenefits, with the help of our broker and carrier partners, intends to democratize that kind of access and distribution for small businesses too — regardless of their individual purchasing power or location. Today, we are one step closer to leveling the playing field for SMBs.”

Delivering Digital Advantage and Better Access to Healthcare Options

The CBP partnerships are one lever enabling Zenefits to deliver even greater efficiency—via automated transmission of information and less paperwork —to key constituents in the healthcare value chain:

  • SMB employees — 50% of whom are “digital natives” — expect apps that work like the ones they use at home. The modern workforce requires instant mobile access, choice of high quality, affordable options, plus the context to select healthcare and benefits that best meet individual needs. On average, it takes only nine minutes to make annual benefits selections using Zenefits, and it’s even easier to make changes to accommodate life events like the addition of a spouse or a baby, and to check balances in health accounts and payroll deductions - anytime, anywhere.
  • SMB owners and HR leaders will have quick and mobile access to a broader selection of affordable health and wellness options. In addition, Zenefits’ BenConnect p