CEO of RV Sales of Broward Gigi Stetler Praises Inc.’s Shattering Exposé of CNBC’s “The Profit”


DAVIE, Fla., Aug. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gigi Stetler, CEO of RV Sales of Broward, today issued the following statement:

Stetler is applauding an incredible investigative piece in Inc. that reveals the dark secrets behind CNBC’s hit reality show, The Profit. The reporter, Will Yakowicz, spoke to nearly two dozen business owners who were allegedly on the receiving end of malicious, unethical treatment by the show’s host Marcus Lemonis. In one example, a company who is now suing Lemonis told Inc., "We asked him to help us with our business, not help himself to our business."

Following the numerous allegations, Stetler is now calling on CNBC to immediately cancel The Profit. “While he pretends on TV to save businesses, he actually sets out to acquire them for himself or ruin them financially if his plans don’t pan out,” said Stetler. “Marcus Lemonis is a False Profit and should be removed from CNBC immediately.”

Stetler, who describes Lemonis as “the False Profit” says, she too, has been the target of his predatory business practices.

Stetler says that a decade ago she politely turned down Marcus Lemonis’ offer to acquire her business. In response, Lemonis and several others, including equestrian businessman Mark Bellissimo, initiated a series of actions that Stetler believes were intended to financially damage her and severely hurt her reputation, as detailed in Palm Beach County Court Case #50-2010-CA-027835-XXXX-MB, and in Stetler’s upcoming book The Coincidental Conspiracy. According to Stetler, within three days, the chain of events initiated by Lemonis took her company from a profitable business to one saddled with $11.5 million in debt.

“By cancelling The Profit, CNBC will send a strong, clear message that unethical business dealings have no place on a reputable network,” said Stetler.

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About Gigi Stetler

Gigi Stetler is a fearless entrepreneur who defies the odds at all turns. As Founder and CEO of RV Sales of Broward, Stetler is a leading female business owner in a male-dominated field. Stetler also authored Unstoppable: Surviving is Just the Beginning, a riveting memoir detailing her survival of a life-threatening attack and her success creating and later rebuilding her company and brand.