Belay Wealth Inc., Canada’s Newest Mutual Fund Dealer

Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Belay Wealth Inc. is a new mutual fund dealer and financial planning firm. “Belay’s primary objective is to facilitate holistic financial planning by creating a culture where advisors build client relationships based on professional advice, not based on transactions,” says Shannon Sabey, Belay’s president and co-founder. “We believe that a dealership’s role is larger than just being a product sales platform. We are committed to supporting like-minded advisors who have a passion for continuously improving their financial planning skills and using those skills to benefit others.”

Belay’s mandate is to attract like-minded advisors, who want to be part of an elite team where their input and contributions are valued and rewarded. Belay offers straightforward and cost-effective compliance and cutting-edge back office technology. We offer a simplified transfer process when advisors join us and a dedicated team to provide ongoing assistance. We believe in working with regulators to support our advisors and to provide the safety and security that clients deserve. We see the challenges in life as an adventure, we are eager to help, we are Belay!

What’s in a name? Why “belay”? In climbing parlance, to “belay” a climber is to control their rope: if the climber makes a wrong move, the belayer will catch them before they fall too far and then assist and encourage them to continue climbing. A belayer needs training, experience, and expertise to offer support and safety. They must be competent and attentive for a climber to be successful. Financial planners apply the same skills with their clients: encouraging clients to follow their financial plan and supporting them in reaching their goals.

For more information about becoming part of Belay Wealth Inc., please contact one of our team members:

Shannon Sabey, CFP®, president and co-founder at 587-393-7874.

Ken Parker, CPA, CA, CFO at 587-393-7873.

Lynnette Linkletter, COO at 587-393-7872.

Ethan Lauscher or Weston Sabey at 403-625-4427 /