The Polls Are In: The Three Most Common Types of Consumer Tech Claims, According to Safeware

With the AP Football Poll recently released, Safeware decided to publish a poll of their own.


Dublin, Ohio, Aug. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is one of the most anticipated times of the year in America: the beginning of football season. The pre-season AP Poll was just released, revealing the top 25 college teams in the country. Safeware, a leading provider of product protection and extended warranty solutions based out of Columbus, Ohio, works with many of the schools featured in the poll. Through the use of data from their partners in the Big Ten conference, Safeware compiled their own ranking of the most common types of technology claims.

1. Mechanical Breakdown

Safeware’s data reveals that for their Big Ten schools, mechanical breakdown is the most common cause of device failure, making up 46% of total claims received. For example, one student at Ohio State University was sitting in class, eagerly waiting for her first college lecture to begin. As the teacher started class, the student tried to stay up to speed by quickly typing notes. When she looked up at her screen, she realized that her word document was blank. Her keyboard had malfunctioned, and she was unable to use her laptop until it was repaired.

2. Accidental Damage from Handling

Ranking number two in the poll is accidental damage from handling, at around 31% of claims received from Safeware’s Big Ten partners. A student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was trying to pull an all-nighter studying for his midterm the following day. As he began to drift asleep, his laptop slid from his bed on the top bunk, and crashed onto the ground, causing the screen to be cracked and his studying to come to a halt.

3. Liquid Damage

Coming in at number three with 16% of claims is liquid damage. As a student at the University of Michigan sat in his graphic design class, he reached over his MacBook Pro to grab a drink of water. He bumped the water bottle, which proceeded to spill all over his open laptop. The laptop was no longer responsive, and would have cost over $900 out-of-pocket to repair.

“At Safeware, we are proud to partner with many colleges and universities, including all schools in the Big Ten conference. Using our historical claims data, we are able to analyze the most common types of claims that we receive from these institutions,” says Safeware’s Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Schutjer. “We consistently monitor these trends, which allow us to provide customized protection solutions to ensure college students have the best coverage available for their devices.”

Safeware is proud to offer comprehensive product protection for all types of devices students use in college. No matter what school a student attends and where their football team ends up in the rankings, Safeware can guarantee that students are able to own their devices with confidence.

About Safeware

Having pioneered the technology insurance industry in 1982, Safeware is now one of the most recognized names in product protection. Safeware’s innovative approach to insurance and extended warranty solutions has propelled the company into multiple industries including education, corporate technology, fitness, furniture and appliances. By allowing partners to customize coverage based on their unique needs, Safeware provides best-in-class programs allowing customers to own their products with confidence.

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With the AP Football Poll recently released, Safeware decided to publish a poll of their own.

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