Year after Harvey, residents rebound smoothly from hurricane

Mission Rock Residential, Interstate team up to minimize storm’s consequences


FORT WORTH, Texas, Sept. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A quick-witted shipment of 600 air-conditioners got the recovery process pointed in the right direction at The Point at Cypress Woods Apartments a year ago, and today the residents are living within a level of comfort they never imagined after Hurricane Harvey hit the area.

The story of the individual, window-unit air-conditioners is only part of what made The Point at Cypress Woods one of the feel-good endings to last August’s historic storm. Recovery, restoration and reconstruction are ahead of schedule, thanks to property manager Mission Rock Residential and the Interstate Restoration crew that spearheaded the efforts. Work began by Fort Worth-based Interstate even before the 51 inches of rain had quit falling.

Project manager Matt Bryant recognized immediately that the central air-conditioning units on the ground would be submerged and useless in the four-feet of water. He checked his top contacts and located a wholesaler in New Jersey who could send 600 window units immediately.

“It would have taken six months to get that much equipment if we hadn’t acted so quickly,” he said.

By then the disruption to residents and all the people who depended upon The Point at Cypress Woods would have been massive. They were facing the specter of temporary housing, moving expenses, belongings in storage, effects to their work schedules, and more. Bryant figured they had experienced enough tragedy, and he pressed to get those AC units.

 “At Interstate Restoration, we emphasize multiple points of operation, and one of those is to find ways to get our clients back up and running their day-to-day business as quickly as possible after a disaster,” said Sergei Korneev, National Account Manager who was involved in the apartment project. “It’s a huge benefit to everybody.”

The window-unit ACs, which cost just under $800,000, also helped in the recovery process because the dehumidification minimized potential mold damage. Matt Bryant credited Mission Rock Residential for its preparedness and for giving Interstate Restoration the go-ahead on quick decisions such as the investment in the ACs.

“Our residents depend on us on a daily basis to make their lives as problem-free as possible, and we carried that sense of responsibility into this crisis situation,” said Patricia Hutchison, President of Mission Rock Residential. “We were able to execute our Hurricane Preparedness Program, and as a result, we’re proud and pleased that we were able to respond as effectively as we did.”

The full project is due to come in at about $36 million for Interstate, who officially began the rebuilding phase in May of this year.  The project has had about 150 people on the job at various times, and the schedule calls for completion by May 2019.

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