MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vet24seven—a leader in pet health technology—announced today the launch of MyPetDoc on Google Assistant. MyPetDoc, the voice of pet health, enables pet parents to have veterinarian-backed conversations regarding their pets’ health, behavior, and wellness, 24/7, right in their own homes. MyPetDoc launched on Amazon Alexa in July 2018, and its expansion to Google Assistant-enabled devices includes Google Home smart speakers, smart TVs, and more than 124 million Android cell phones in the USA today.

Once MyPetDoc has answered the pet parents’ questions, they can then choose to immediately speak with a licensed veterinarian for more guidance and advice.

“Every month, 3 million people spend time searching the Internet for answers to pet-related concerns. With pet owners increasingly choosing to search using voice, MyPetDoc provides an opportunity for them to hold 2-way dialogue and get veterinarian-backed answers when they are worried about their pet’s health or behavior,” said Cal Lai, CEO and President of Vet24seven.

Utilizing more than 35,000 text conversations between hundreds of veterinarians and thousands of pet owners, MyPetDoc has built a very effective voice AI that helps pet parents address their critical pet concerns—without ever leaving their homes.

“The uniqueness of the Google partnership is that MyPetDoc on Google Assistant is accessible on any Google Home smart speaker, smart TV, or Android smartphone, allowing pet owners to get the information they need whether they are in the car, watching TV, or traveling with their pet. Having a vet on demand provides incredible peace of mind for worried pet parents,” said Cherice Roth, DVM, Director of Veterinary Operations & Programs at Vet24seven.

According to the extensive proprietary data from interactions between pet parents and veterinarians, pet parents’ most common worries include diarrhea, vomiting, itchy skin, urinary issues, and eye conditions. MyPetDoc’s voice AI on Google Assistant helps answer questions about these conditions and, ultimately, allows consumers to decide if they want an immediate phone consultation with a veterinarian for additional information and advice. The veterinarian will already have the necessary background information from the MyPetDoc session, so the pet owner can just continue the conversation.

Using MyPetDoc on Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled devices has no cost to the user, and, for a limited time, a voice consultation with a licensed veterinarian is free.

In the fall of 2018, MyPetDoc will expand its knowledge of pet topics and provide information on additional species, such as small mammals, fish, exotics, birds, and horses, according to Lai. For more information, please visit

Vet24seven is an on-demand pet health platform developed by veterinarians for veterinarians and pet owners. It provides pet owners with immediate access to trusted veterinary resources via voice-based MyPetDoc, and with the Ask.Vet web chat service. More information is available at

Stephanie Krol, ghg | greyhealth group

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