ThoughtWire-Mappedin Partnership Provides IoT-Informed Mapping for Built Environments

Innovators drive progress for commercial IoT environments, enhance situational and spatial intelligence in office and healthcare spaces

TORONTO, Sept. 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ThoughtWire, the leader in Operations Performance Management (OPM) for built environments, today announced its partnership with Mappedin to change the way building management teams and patrons experience indoor spaces. It also fundamentally changes the way that managers and operators of commercial properties manage their environments to boost operational efficiencies, improve tenant and employee satisfaction, and increase property value.

“Large properties have multiple employees from multiple departments contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of their maps. Naturally, this causes inefficiencies and inaccuracies across departments. To fix this, there needs to be a single place where employees can collaborate with one source of truth for their property maps,” said Hongwei Liu, CEO and Co-founder, Mappedin. “With our robust mapping technology integrated into ThoughtWire’s OPM applications, property managers can easily maintain their ever-evolving spaces in the same place that they manage other core property functions.”

Mappedin’s mapping and wayfinding technology has been integrated into ThoughtWire’s people-centered and process-driven commercial IoT applications. ThoughtWire will embed Mappedin’s technology initially with its Smart Building Suite, which will improve spatial awareness and intelligence of indoor spaces within built environments, accelerating data collection, overlaying IoT devices on intuitive maps, and making insights actionable.

With these new capabilities, operators will have more oversight over properties so they can see, for example, exactly where connected devices such as HVAC, lighting, meters, and sensors are located. They can also provide vendors like Internet service providers, who are coming to install fiber optics, with detailed floor plans and directions to clarify which specific floor(s) to work on. In office buildings, operators can also create zones on specific floors to adjust energy usage patterns for different tenants based on their personal preferences.

In the healthcare setting, hospital staff can move around a hospital more seamlessly and help guide patients and staff without having to go down inefficient routes. Patients can also more easily find parking – helping them arrive at appointments on time and without added hassle. On the back end, facilities managers can oversee various projects requiring multiple team members to ensure they are collaborating in the most efficient and effective way possible using visually-rich and intuitive floorplans.

“People owning, operating and managing buildings now have the opportunity to correlate spatial information for more actionable insights – driving down costs and providing a better experience for all – from tenants to patients and hospital staff,” said Michael Monteith, CEO of ThoughtWire. “This collaboration with Mappedin is the next natural progression as we continue to drive game-changing innovation in the commercial Internet of Things marketplace and address the growing demand for operations performance management.” 

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About ThoughtWire
ThoughtWire is the leader in Operations Performance Management (OPM) for built environments, helping hospitals and commercial buildings operate smarter, safer and healthier with software applications for OPM. Since 2009, ThoughtWire has been changing how we think about intelligent automation and process optimization, beginning with its award-winning Ambiant™ platform, developed to interconnect and orchestrate people, data, and things in real time. Today, ThoughtWire's innovative applications empower built environments to connect previously unconnected systems, unlock high-value outcomes for patients and tenants, and put people in control of process change and optimization. Find out how ThoughtWire is powering a new era of OPM at

About Mappedin
Mappedin powers search and discovery indoors. The software platform provides industry leading tools for REITs and retailers to manage their dynamic indoor information and build digital wayfinding experiences into their customer-facing applications. Mappedin is headquartered in the Waterloo Region of Ontario and backed by a prodigious group of Canadian investors, most notably Esri Canada, the industry standard for GIS technologies. Mappedin is currently being utilized by clients across North America and around the world. For more information, please visit, or follow us on Twitter @mappedin.

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