Lightbend Fast Data Platform Now Available on Kubernetes

Optimized for Kubernetes Deployment, Most Complete Platform for Developing and Operating Microservices-Based AI, ML, IoT and Other Streaming Data-Based Applications

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NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- O’Reilly Strata -- Lightbend today announced that the 2.0 version of its Fast Data Platform for designing, building and running streaming applications has been optimized for Kubernetes cluster deployment. First released a year ago, the Fast Data Platform is the industry’s first platform that brings application responsiveness, resilience and elasticity (the hallmarks of Reactive) to the streaming data application stack, addressing streaming data requirements from development through production.

Data streams have disrupted conventional application design and operations requirements as AI, ML, IoT, and similar data-driven use cases have outgrown traditional big data architectures. For streaming data use cases, applications can no longer rely only on querying data at rest. Rather, streams of data flow through application logic, analytics, and queries continuously.

“The fundamental shift is that we’ve moved from ‘data at rest’ to ‘data in motion,’” said Lightbend CTO and co-founder, Jonas Bonér. “Because applications now rely on real-time analytics and model serving, these streaming pipelines become a crucial part of the application. They share the same availability and scalability concerns as microservices. And like microservices, they must be easy to update without impacting the application.”

Streaming applications run continuously (days to months) rather than in batch jobs, which rarely last for more than a few hours -- so responsiveness, resilience and elasticity are key concerns of microservice design for streaming data architectures. Reactive microservices have emerged as the most successful pattern for first-movers on Fast Data and streaming data use cases, with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (customer experience), Capital One (auto loan decisioning) and Credit Karma (data analytics features) among notable examples of industry leaders whose embrace of Reactive microservices has been strategic to business growth.

With today’s news that Lightbend Fast Data Platform is supporting Kubernetes, enterprises have a one-stop shop for creating Reactive microservices for streaming data applications, and deploying and managing them on the cloud-native stack’s most widely used orchestration solution. Kubernetes and Fast Data Platform is the perfect marriage between distributed computing’s most production-grade container orchestration solution in Kubernetes, and the most streaming data-optimized programming abstractions and run-time tooling in Fast Data Platform. In addition to native integrations with Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Akka Streams, Kafka Streams and streaming data’s other hottest frameworks -- Fast Data Platform provides the management tools and production monitoring capabilities that operations teams need to run and troubleshoot streaming data systems in production.

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