PIEtech, Inc. Unveils Fifth Generation of MoneyGuidePro, G5, for Financial Advisors

Next generation platform allows advisors to do more with planning around health care, life insurance and more

POWHATAN, VA, Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PIEtech℠, Inc. announced today the release of G5, the fifth generation of MoneyGuidePro®, equipping advisors with enhanced tools that give them more flexibility to help clients better plan for retirement.


“Our customers view MoneyGuidePro less as a financial planning tool and more as an integral part of their business model,” said Kevin Hughes, executive vice president of sales at PIEtech. “G5 builds on a successful, collaborative experience helping advisors position their advice and motivate their clients to implement their recommendations.


G5’s enhanced features give advisors new ways to allocate assets, leverage smarter health care data, and review plan details through a new lens. The new software also brings complex planning concepts including annuities and enhanced goal funding into a friendly and engaging interface for clients. Additional new features and enhancements of G5 include:


  • Health Care Goal – MoneyGuidePro will now estimate private insurance costs prior to Medicare based on a client’s age and state of residence. Advisors can use the Health Level category to quickly see how health status can affect a client’s out-of-pocket costs and provide better cost estimates by switching between multiple supplemental health care plans such as Medigap and Medicare Advantage.

  • Composite Portfolio Analysis – Advisors can lock allocations on assets they don’t advise on or choose not to reallocate, allowing held-away and other segregated assets to grow at a separate rate of return. This is then blended with a target allocation to produce the adjusted risk and return in the Composite Portfolio Analysis feature.

  • Cash Reserve Bucket Strategy – This feature enables advisors to fund goals from a client’s reserve in years with investment losses; when the market improves, MoneyGuidePro will replenish their reserve. Advisors can choose a custom reserve allocation from existing portfolios or customize the expected return.

  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis – Users can create more sophisticated life insurance scenarios by adjusting a client’s planning age, the survivor’s retirement age, and required funds left to the survivors. The new MoneyGuidePro can also calculate the remaining balance on a client’s mortgage and other liabilities while incorporating the cost of a new policy.


For more information about PIEtech, or to learn more about MoneyGuidePro’s platform features, please visit https://www.moneyguidepro.com/ifa/


About PIEtech

PIEtech, Inc. is singularly focused on helping more Americans control their financial future and security by planning for it. Headquartered in Powhatan, VA, PIEtech® is the creator of MoneyGuidePro®, a financial planning software. For more information on PIEtech’s powerful planning solutions, visit www.moneyguidepro.com.


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