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Bedding, clothing and bath goods retailer, Cariloha, this month launched its 10” and 12” Bamboo Mattress™ as part of its Bamboo Bedding Suite™, which includes mattress, sheets, pillows, duvets, and blankets – all made from luxuriously soft, eco-friendly bamboo. All Bamboo Mattress and Bedding Suite items are available exclusively in Cariloha stores and on

Over the past few years, the mattress industry has been completely disrupted, and there’s a current of mattress options sold online right now. No longer is it a scenario where customers walk into a huge furniture showroom, lie on a bunch of mattress options, and then schedule delivery or use their own truck to get their mattress home. Customers now buy their mattress online and have it delivered right to their front door.

“What we’re doing is offering one of the softest, coolest, cleanest, most sustainable materials on the planet – bamboo – both in the mattress foam construction and in the mattress cover, which is not being done anywhere in the mattress-bedding world,” said Scott Brady, Cariloha VP of Communications. 

Cariloha’s resort-quality mattress is designed to deliver a healthy, comfortable alternative for the eco and luxury-conscious customer, as it’s made of earth-friendly bamboo charcoal. Customers will experience a comfortable night’s sleep on a mattress that’s hypoallergenic, provides temperature regulation, and supports the body, and alleviates pressure from the body’s main contour points.

"Seven to nine hours of restful sleep is vital for adults and creates the hormones necessary for increasing energy and improving focus,” said Dr. Brandon Nielsen, DC. “To further enhance the quality of your sleep, clean, comfortable bedding is recommended, as it will dramatically improve your restorative sleep, which reduces stress and your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, a shrinking brain, obesity, diabetes, and brain fog."

“The soft, naturally breathable, moisture-wicking properties of Cariloha’s mattresses and other bamboo bedding options let customers sleep comfier, sweat less, and dream longer,” said Brady. “Not only do our bamboo fabrics help repel and eliminate odors, toxins, dust mites, and other allergens, but they also wick away body mois­ture and dehumidify the air while you sleep.”

According to the Sleep Lady, Kim West (LCSW-C), getting quality sleep is critical, as we spend a third of our day on our mattress. And, the quality of our sleeping surface can make or break that quality. She recommends consumers look for the right balance of support and comfort—made of breathable materials—so they can make the most of the other two-thirds of their day.

Cariloha is so confident that you’ll love their mattresses, that they offer a no-hassle, 100-night free trial. Have the Cariloha mattress shipped free to your home, sleep on it for 100 nights and, if you don’t love it, they’ll take it back, no questions asked. And, it comes with a 10-year warranty, along with a FREE set of Cariloha top-of-the-line Resort bamboo sheets. Sleep soundly for the next 10 years.

Cariloha Bamboo Mattress™ - Layers of Comfort

Bamboo Comfort™ Memory Foam: Naturally breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal memory foam is purified and carbonized in excess of 760° Celsius to then be harmoniously blended with innovative, visco-elastic memory foam for a comfier mattress.

Advanced Side-Wedge Support: Works as a stabilizing system and gives customers 20% more sleeping surface, allowing them to sleep edge to edge without rolling off. It extends the life of the mattress up to 50% longer than non-wedge-support mattresses.

Luxury Memory Foam: Adapts to body shape, alleviating 95% more pressure off the body’s main contour points for more restful sleep.

Flex-Flow™ Dual-Density Base Foam: Improves airflow between the customer and the mattress, keeping it 3° cooler and helping retain the mattress’ ideal shape.

About Cariloha
Driven by a comfort and eco-conscious lifestyle, Cariloha joins the Style of the Caribbean with the Spirit of Aloha to provide the best in natural luxury. Since 2007, the brand has grown to become the only multi-store retailer in the world to provide an entire store experience that’s completely merchandised with products made of eco-friendly viscose from bamboo. By turning self-replenishing bamboo fields into crazy-soft bamboo fabrics, Cariloha offers an exclusive collection of bedding, apparel, active wear, bath goods, and accessories made from soft, cool, clean and green bamboo. Inspired by the essence and energy of the islands, Cariloha blends style and self-expression into every piece of clothing and bedding it makes. Special care is taken to drape customers in soft, comfortable, naturally breathable bamboo fabrics that leave them experiencing tranquil days in paradise time and time again. Thanks to an ever-growing, rich supply of bamboo, Cariloha has a growing fleet of stores in 16 countries offering its proprietary bamboo apparel, bedding and bath goods and enjoying the quality, soft touch, and green ‘footprint’ of this renewable resource.


Scott Brady