Greg Fishman of Resolvly in Boca Raton Prove Community Work Pays Off

Early Days Of Hard Work at Resolvly Have Proven to be a Long Term Success

Boca Raton, Florida, Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Greg Fishman of Resolvly located in Boca Raton, Florida started his professional career as rabbi as he began studying at the St. Louis Rabbinical College at the age of 15 years. From there, he went on to work in the chemical manufacturing industry at National Interchem and quickly moved through the ranks to become vice president within a year, Greg Fishman continued to work with the business for 28 years - spending the last eight years as the owner of the organization after purchasing it from the then owner. Fishman would later sell the company and move to Boca Raton, Florida, with his three children. He was a single father.

Transitioning Into The Debt Recovery Industry

After moving to Boca Raton, Mr. Fishman successfully saw his children off to college and started working as the manager of a car dealership which would quickly become the nation's number 1 car dealership in sales. It was then that an acquaintance suggested that he would do well working in the debt settlement and recovery industry. After considering what he went through growing up with parents who struggled financially, Fishman felt working as a financial analyst would allow him to help others in a real way. This opportunity would allow him to assist those who find themselves in stressful litigation situations without the resources to give themselves a fighting chance for success. Consequently, he went to school to train as an analyst, earned his series 7 license, and work with debt relief company GHS Solutions. From there, his drive and passion to help improve the lives of others through financial analysis services geared towards increasing financial literacy and reducing debt continued to grow.

After successfully working with GHS Solution and helping many clients, Greg Fishman took the plunge and transitioned into building his own debt solutions company. In 2014, it became official, and Greg Fishman Resolvly of Boca Raton was formed. As the name suggests, Resolvly would focus on helping people resolve their debt situations. However, it is the approach in doing so that would make all the difference in the world.

Instead of taking advantage of debt-ridden clients or not ensuring they have the best possible representation, Greg Fishman's Resolvly would ensure that clients could get trusted help where they could access resources for comprehensive coverage. For many clients, Resolvly is an alternative to filing bankruptcy. Resolvly's programs help ensure that people can find a new way of life that is built on healthy financial habits, faith, and hope, not hopelessness and fear.

Importantly, being the champion of the underdog that Greg Fishman and Resolvly of Boca Raton is, much of the company's extra-curricular activities and sponsorships include supporting those who have never challenged themselves to peak at an event that changes their lives. As such, much of Greg Fishman Resolvly of Boca Raton's work includes charitable donations and partnerships featuring the following:

i. Supporting Palm Beach County NOW's Core Issues like:

- Furthering Reproductive Rights
- Advocating for Justice in the Courts
- Advancing Access to Economic Opportunity
- Achieving Equality with the Ratification of the US Constitution Equal Right Amendment (ERA)
- Ending Violence Against Women
- LGBTQI Rights
- Diversity and Stopping Racism

ii. Supporting Dharamshala Animal Rescue by:

- Donating to no-kill animal shelters

iii. Supporting the Milagro Center and the Children's Academy to:

- Ensure the socio-economic welfare and academic success of children

iv. Sponsoring Run for the Cure and Skin Cancer Walk each year.

Other extra-curricular activities include being the proud sponsor of company baseball team The Misfits and sponsoring multiple triathlons nationwide.


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