Lightbend Offers Scala Compiler Performance Boosts Through Partnership with Triplequote

Triplequote’s Hydra is first Scala compiler that parallelizes compilation across all available compute cores, speeding compilation up to 6x

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightbend, provider of the leading Reactive application development platform for building distributed systems, today announced a partnership with Triplequote to maximize Scala developer productivity and reduce product time-to-market by optimizing Scala compilation times. Triplequote Hydra is the only Scala compiler that parallelizes compilation across all available compute cores, speeding up compilation time by an average of 3.2x, and providing orders of magnitude faster return-on-productivity. Hydra requires no code changes, and also includes compile-time monitoring for easy pinpointing of bottlenecks.

“Triplequote has made great breakthroughs in Scala compiler speeds with the introduction of Hydra,” said Brad Murdoch, VP of Corporate and Business Development at Lightbend. “Reducing development costs, speeding time to market, and adhering to continuous deployment practices are major objectives for Global 2000 enterprises - and now Scala has a compiler that is optimized for performance, with all of the bottlenecks eliminated.”

Modern developer machines typically have four or more cores, but the open-source Scala compiler is limited to working with a single core. Hydra splits compilation across all available cores, from a simple laptop to enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Through the partnership, Lightbend customers will have the option to include a Hydra license with their Lightbend Reactive Platform subscriptions.

Key Hydra features include:

Multi-core, parallel compilation The Scala compiler has more than 20 phases, which Hydra parallelizes across all cores available to your development team. With a common 4-core laptop, developers can reduce compilation times by 70% or more, saving time, money, and increasing overall team productivity.

Consolidated dashboard for monitoring The Hydra Dashboard is a feature for enterprises that provides compile time monitoring and metrics for total compilation time, lines of code (LoC) compiled, LoC compiled per second, and data around the slowest works and spruces for tracking down and optimizing performance issues.

Integration and ecosystem friendly Hydra is designed to work with everything. Based on the open-source compiler, Hydra supports the full Scala language, including macros and compiler plugins. Hydra works with all Scala versions, and supports Scala.JS, sbt, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA and CLI.

Lightbend customers who wish to learn more about Hydra can sign up for an evaluation.

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