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Global cancer vaccine market opportunity is expected to surpass US$ 15 Billion by 2025 as per finding in new research report Global Cancer Vaccine Market & Clinical Trial Insight 2025.

Global Cancer Vaccine Market & Clinical Trial Insight 2025 Report Highlight:

  • Global Cancer Vaccine market Opportunity: US$ 15 Billion Opportunity
  • Personalized Cancer Vaccine: The Next growth Frontier
  • Global Cancer Vaccine Clinical insight by Indication & Phase of Development
  • Global Cancer Vaccine Pipeline: 369 Cancer Vaccines
  • Marketed Cancer Vaccines: 17 Cancer Vaccines
  • Maximum Vaccines in Pipeline for Brain & Breast Cancer: 43 Cancer Vaccines
  • Regulatory Landscape

In recent years, cancer vaccine segment as emerged as next growth frontier for the various stake holders involved in the research, development and commercialization of cancer therapeutics. The market for cancer therapeutics is growing at significant rates and it has already occupied a major share in the overall pharmaceutical market.

Vaccines have had a good reputation when it comes to their safety and therapeutic outcome. The concept of vaccination has today paved a new path for treatment of complex disease like cancer, the cure for which is still highly limited to conventional therapeutics. However, with the emergence of immunotherapy, the cancer therapy segment has also advanced to a whole new level.

The application of the concept of vaccination to complex disease like cancer has grabbed immense attention in both academia and industries. Multiple clinical studies have shown that an ideal vaccine for cancer is in fact possible with the help of modern immunotherapy and advanced therapy. However, the study has further being extended with rigorous effort being put in the development of personalized cancer vaccine which are anticipated to have even better therapeutic outcome than cancer vaccines .

Owing to the advancement in science and technology along with the emergence of advanced computing, few cancer vaccines like cervarix for cervical cancer and provenge for prostate cancer have already entered the market. Both the vaccines are therapeutic vaccines which have shown excellent outcome in the clinical trials. The emergence of genome sequencing and ability to identify and target neo - antigens has led to the possibility of these vaccines being developed for many types of cancer in a more personalized form in the future.

The cancer vaccine pipeline is expected to increase at tremendous rates in coming years. As large numbers of cancer vaccines are entering in various phases of clinical trials, due to which cancer market will soon observe a boost. However, the novelty of cancer vaccines makes it difficult for the standardization of clinical trials, because the criteria's required to quantify its effectiveness are not completely discovered, this cause loss of valuable time. Moreover, the present day methods are standardized for conventional cancer therapeutic methods like chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, which are not applicable for cancer vaccines due to their different mode of actions. In near future, researchers will find the solution for this problem and it will decrease the winding time.

Global Cancer Vaccine Market & Clinical Trial Insight 2025 report gives comprehensive insight on clinical and non-clinical parameters related to development and commercialization of cancer vaccines. As per report findings, there are 17 cancer vaccines commercially available in the market and more than 350 in the clinical pipeline. Most of the cancer vaccines in clinical pipeline are in Preclinical & Phase - II trials followed by Phase - I/II trials. More than 5 new cancer vaccines are further expected to enter the market in next 10 years.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Introduction to Cancer Vaccines

2. Mechanism of Cancer Vaccines
2.1 Idiotype Cancer Vaccine Mechanism
2.2 Cellular Cancer Vaccines Mechanism
2.3 Ganglioside Antigens based Cancer Vaccines Mechanism
2.4 Peptide Cancer Vaccine Mechanism
2.5 Tumor Host Interaction Cancer Vaccine Mechanism

3. Global Cancer Vaccines Market Overview
3.1 Current Scenario
3.2 Future Outlook

4. Personalized Cancer Vaccine: The Next growth Frontier
4.1 The Possibility of a Personalized Cancer Vaccine
4.2 An Insight into its Current Clinical Status

5. Personalized Cancer Vaccine: Current Market Scenario & Advancements
5.1 Breakthrough in Research & Development
5.2 Increasing Investments
5.3 Integration of mRNA Technology
5.4 Collaborations & Ventures
5.5 Advancement in Technology

6. FDA Guideline for the Development & Marketing of Cancer Vaccines
6.1 Considerations for Both Early and Late Phase Clinical Trials
6.1.1 Patient Population
6.1.2 Monitoring The Immune Response
6.1.3 Biomarkers As Evidence Of Efficacy
6.1.4 Adjuvants Used To Stimulate Immune Response
6.1.5 Multi-Antigen Vaccines
6.1.6 Disease Progression/Recurrence Immediately Or Shortly After The Initial Administration Of Cancer Vaccines
6.1.7 Concomitant And Subsequent Therapies
6.2 Considerations for Early Phase Clinical Trials
6.2.1 Starting Dose And Dosing Schedule
6.2.2 Booster And Maintenance Therapy
6.2.3 Dose Escalation
6.2.4 Single-Arm Versus Randomized Phase 2 Trials In Early Development
6.3 Considerations For Late Phase Clinical Trials
6.3.1 Safety Profile From Early Phase Clinical Trials
6.3.2 Endpoints
6.3.3 Statistical Issues
6.3.4 Control Issues
6.3.5 Delayed Vaccine Effect
6.3.6 Autologous Vaccine Trials
6.3.7 Accelerated Approval Regulations

7. Global Cancer Vaccines Clinical Pipeline Overview
7.1 By Indication
7.2 By Mechanism of Action
7.3 By Drug Class
7.4 By Patient Segment
7.5 By Formulation
7.6 By Company

8. Global - Bladder Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
8.1 Phase-I/II

9. Marketed Bladder Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
9.1 BCG Bladder Cancer Vaccine - sanofi pasteur
9.2 Bladder Cancer Vaccine - Organon Teknika
9.3 Bladder Cancer Vaccine - ID Biomedical

10. Global - Blood Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
10.1 Research
10.2 Preclinical
10.3 Phase-I
10.4 Phase-I/II
10.5 Phase-II

11. Global - Bone Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
11.1 Phase-II
11.2 Phase-III

12. Global - Brain Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
12.1 Unknown
12.2 Research
12.3 Preclinical
12.4 Phase-I
12.5 Phase-I/II
12.6 Phase-II
12.7 Phase-III

13. Global - Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
13.1 Research
13.2 Preclinical
13.3 Phase-I
13.4 Phase-I/II
13.5 Phase-II
13.6 Phase-II/III
13.7 Phase-III

14. Global - Cervical Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
14.1 Preclinical
14.2 Clinical
14.3 Phase-I
14.4 Phase-II
14.5 Phase-III

15. Marketed Cervical Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
15.1 Cervarix

16. Global - Colorectal Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
16.1 Research
16.2 Preclinical
16.3 Phase-I
16.4 Phase-I/II
16.5 Phase-II
16.6 Phase-II/III
16.7 Phase-III

17. Global - Kidney Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
17.1 Preclinical
17.2 Phase-I
17.3 Phase-II
17.4 Phase-III

18. Marketed Kidney Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
18.1 Vitespen (Oncophage)
18.2 Dendritic Cell Vaccine (CreaVax-HCC, CreaVax-PC & CreaVax-RCC)
18.3 Renal Cell Carcinoma Vaccine (Reniale)

19. Global - Liver Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
19.1 Phase-I/II
19.2 Phase-II
19.3 Phase-III

20. Global - Lung Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
20.1 Preclinical

21. Global - Mesothelioma Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
21.1 Phase-I
21.2 Phase-II/III

22. Global - Head And Neck Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
22.1 Preclinical
22.2 Phase-I
22.3 Phase-I/II
22.4 Phase-II

23. Global - Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
23.1 Research
23.2 Clinical
23.3 Phase-I
23.4 Phase-I/II
23.5 Phase-II
23.6 Phase-II/III
23.7 Phase-III
23.8 Preregistration

24. Marketed Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
24.1 Cadi 05 (Immuvac & Mycidac-C)
24.2 Racotumomab (Vaxira)
24.3 Epidermal Growth Factor Cancer Vaccine - Bioven

25. Global - Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
25.1 Preclinical
25.2 Phase-I
25.3 Phase-I/II
25.4 Phase-II
25.5 Phase-III

26. Global - Prostate Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
26.1 Research
26.2 Preclinical
26.3 Phase-I
26.4 Phase-I/II
26.5 Phase-II
26.6 Phase-III

27. Marketed Prostate Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
27.1 Sipuleucel-T (Provenge)

28. Global - Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
28.1 Preclinical
28.2 Phase-I
28.3 Phase-I/II
28.4 Phase-II
28.5 Phase-III

29. Marketed Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
29.1 Tertomotide (LucaVax)

30. Global - Skin Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
30.1 Preclinical
30.2 Phase-I
30.3 Phase-I/II
30.4 Phase-II
30.5 Phase-III
30.6 Preregistration

31. Marketed Skin Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
31.1 Melanoma Vaccine (MVax)
31.2 Melanoma Vaccine (Melacine)

32. Global - Multiple Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Phase & Company
32.1 Research
32.2 Preclinical
32.3 Clinical
32.4 Phase-I
32.5 Phase-I/II
32.6 Phase-II
32.7 Phase-III
32.8 Registered

33. Marketed Multiple Cancer Vaccine Clinical Insight
33.1 Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Recombinant Nonavalent (GARDASIL9)
33.2 Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Recombinant Quadrivalent (Gardasil & Silgard)
33.3 Dendritic Cell-Activated Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells - Shanghai Jia Fu Medical

34. Competitive Landscape
34.1 Advaxis
34.2 AVAX Technologies
34.3 Dendreon Corporation
34.4 Galena Biopharma
34.5 GlaxoSmithKline
34.6 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics
34.7 ImmunoGen
34.8 Inovio Pharmaceuticals
34.9 KAEL-GemVax
34.10 Liponova
34.11 MedImmune
34.12 Merck
34.13 NeoStem Oncology
34.14 NewLink Genetics
34.15 Northwest Biotherapeutics
34.16 Novartis
34.17 Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
34.18 Recombio
34.19 Roche
34.20 Sanofi
34.21 Seattle Genetics
34.22 Valeant Pharmaceuticals

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