Jerome Kram Friendswood Attorney & Allen Parish Native to Transform Kinder Properties After Successful Streak in Houston

Jerome Karam a Friendswood attorney is working on several exciting projects in South West Louisiana

Friendshwood, UNITED STATES

Kinder, Louisiana, Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jerome Karam a Friendswood attorney is working on several exciting projects in South West Louisiana. Karam who has completed several successful projects in Texas City and Galveston, Houston, has gone back to his native Louisiana to work on projects that include a number of apartments and a commercial building in Kinder.

Karam’s Cove

Karam’s cove is a five-unit complex that his family and staff have been working on. The property located in Kinder, a small town in Allen Parish, with a population of about 2,500 was transformed from the former Smart Rooms Inn that was located on 165 Highway. Currently, all five units in the property are occupied.

Karam’s Landing

The developer has also completed another apartment project in this small town that is home to the Coushatta Casino Resort. Karam’s Landing is another of the attorney’s successful property renovation project that has been transformed into a complex consisting of 61 luxurious condominiums which have generated a lot of interest and most of the apartments have already been leased out to tenants.

The attorney has already made his mark in Houston, by transforming a number of properties into apartments and thriving commercial buildings. Jerome Karam’s law offices are located in Friendswood where he has been practicing accident and injury law as well as business litigation since 1991.

The attorney, however, started from humble beginnings in Allen Parish, Louisiana. Through handwork, applying his knowledge of business litigation, and passion for renovating properties, he became a renowned real estate developer in Houston.

Previous Projects

As the owner of JMK5 Holdings LLC, he has not only transformed old properties into successful commercial properties but has also brought life to areas that were devastated by hurricanes and flooding.

One of the projects that have contributed to bringing back life to the Galveston community is the Falstaff brewery building renovation. Jeff Sjostrom, president of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, noted his contribution to the area and said, "It could be a shot in the arm for (the area north of) Broadway. There are many exciting developments in Galveston, but this is in the center of the corridor and could kick-start other projects."

JMK5 Lake Charles

Mall of the building which was also acquired by JMK5 Holdings LLC is Jerome Karam’s Mall of the Mainland which has the biggest trampoline park in all of the United States. The building which was reopened in 2016, also hosts a number of shops, a cinema hall, a wrestling school and has hundreds of self-storage units.

Jerome Karam’s portfolio in Louisiana includes the JMK5 Lake Charles building which is recognized as a national and state historical building that is to be transformed into 4 commercial lofts on its first floor and 15 indoor parking spaces. He is also working with a partner to convert Plaza 28 LLC into a mixture of office, retail, and daycare facilities.

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