Chantel Grant Re-Emphasizes Her Commitment To Providing Superior Legal Services For Indebted Consumers

GM Law Firm Helps Indebted Customers


Boca Raton, Florida, Sept. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chantel Grant Re-Emphasizes Her Commitment to Providing Superior Legal Services for Indebted Consumers

Boca Raton, FL -- (Date) -- Chantel Grant continues to demonstrate her commitment to serving the residents of Boca Raton and beyond with distinction. She is well-known for her passion for helping the underdog find justice. This has managed to attract many loyal clients and brand ambassadors. She is a managing partner at GM Law Firm, which has been operating for many years.

A diverse clientele relies on the expertise of Chantel and her dedicated colleagues to win cases against debt collectors and creditors. The firm's impressive track record in the debt collection niche can be attributed to years of experience in consumer defense. The majority of consumers are unaware that federal laws provide consumer protection through specially formulated statutes.

Chantel Grant and GM Law Firm’s Student Loan service leverages these statutes to level the playing field in favor of debtors. As a result, it becomes easier to achieve positive outcomes for the clients. The advocate has dedicated her career to gain an in-depth understanding of various legislation that affects consumer affairs. These include the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

On the other hand, she is fully conversant with the aggressive strategies deployed by the creditors and debt collectors. This qualifies Chantel and her team for the role of legal representatives for individuals struggling to repay credit card debt, student loans and other forms of unsecured debts.

Through local counsel, Chantel Grant GM Law Firm Wins $23,000 Navient Lawsuit

True to form, GM Law Firm, utilizing their local TX counsel, recently delivered impressive results in a $23,000 Navient lawsuit in Texas. This case demonstrates the law firm's competency in the field of consumer debt. It comes as no surprise that the plaintiff was bedazzled by the GM team's capabilities. The case represents a major victory not only for the client but also the law firm.

The judge downplayed the merits of the case presented by the counterparty. The court noted that there was no proof that the client's loan was securitized and bundled into the trust involved in the matter. This landmark ruling provides a good example for similar cases in the state of Texas. Chanel Grant and her colleagues are convinced that judges will become aware that these assignments are not supported by sufficient proof as regards the chain of title.

On the other hand, the ruling will inform and embolden GM Law Firm when dealing with similar cases. The victory should set a favorable precedent and allow the firm's experts to achieve positive outcomes. The company will not be swayed by questionable information posted online by third parties with conflicts of interest.

Recent Review From Happy GM Law Firm Student Loan Case

My puppies, Tori and Sweetie, and I wanted To let you know that we receive the Packages.  We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts For your kindness.  You and the law firm really will never know how much this meant to us especially at a time that we’ve been going through so much stress you know Chantel I knew from the very first time that I talked to the first person at the law firm that God brought you to me to help me I felt it and I knew that it was right and right from the start everyone I talk to at the law firm talked about you with such love and respect that I knew that I was going to just trust you and trust God to know that you would help me but you have gone so far above and beyond what I could’ve ever known you were just so wonderful you are such a wonderful woman a Christian woman and you hold your head up high because you every day are living your Ministry and you should know that God is so smiling at you. I love your precious duck thank you for rescuing her I think we in someway are soul sisters I can’t wait to meet you after allThis is over will have to have a great chat. That’s OK isn’t it I always had a wonderful time with my grandmother or I always have a good time with no matter what age people are well I’ve taken enough of your time but I think you and I think GM law firm for the wonderful gifts thank you also for the reimbursement of the payments that helped me so much I have never heard of anything so wonderful done by any law firm you are wonderful I have photos of my dogs and I’m going to get Margaret to take one of me today because I can’t do the selfie thing and send them to you so you know who you’re talking to bye for now God bless you bless your Law firm

Chantel Grant's Background

Born and raised in Minnesota, Chantel is a trailblazer who has become synonymous with consumer debt services. She graduated from the University of Minnesota before enrolling in the law school and is an avid animal lover.

On another level, the advocate works with a number of organizations that fight for the rights of women, including broader empowerment. In addition, she is a prominent member of various professional associations, including the Mattie Belle Davis Society, the Florida Association for Women Lawyers and more.

Chantel draws inspiration from the joy of helping distressed consumers who are unaware of their legal rights.


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