VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ross J. Beaty, of 1550 – 625 Howe Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 2T6, today announced that on September 25, 2018 he acquired ownership of 2,380,952 common shares (the “Common Shares”) of Galantas Gold Corporation (“Galantas”), a company with a head office at 201 – 82 Richmond Street East, Toronto, ON  M5C 1P1, at a purchase price of CDN$0.071 per Common Share for an aggregate purchase price of CDN$169,047.59. Mr. Beaty acquired ownership through a private placement transaction (the “Private Placement”) previously announced by Galantas on September 7, 2018.

Prior to the acquisition and the closing of the Private Placement, Mr. Beaty owned, directly or indirectly, or exercised control or direction over 35,066,526 Common Shares.  The 35,066,526 Common Shares represented approximately 18.70% of the total number of issued and outstanding Common Shares prior to the Private Placement.

Immediately following the Private Placement, Mr. Beaty now owns, directly or indirectly, or exercises control or direction over, 37,447,478 Common Shares. The 37,447,478 Common Shares represent approximately 17.86% of the total number of issued and outstanding Common Shares, resulting in a decrease of 0.84% to Mr. Beaty’s Common Share holdings after the completion of the Private Placement.

Mr. Beaty’s acquisition was made for investment purposes. In accordance with applicable securities laws, Mr. Beaty may, from time to time and at any time, acquire additional shares and/or other equity, debt or other securities or instruments (collectively, “Securities”) of Galantas in the open market or otherwise, and reserves the right to dispose of any or all of its Securities in the open market or otherwise at any time and from time to time, and to engage in similar transactions with respect to the Securities, the whole depending on market conditions, the business and prospects of Galantas and other relevant factors.

For more information, or to obtain a copy of the subject early warning report, please contact:

Ross J. Beaty
1550 – 625 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 2T6

Telephone:  (604) 806-3173
Facsimile: (604) 684-0147