Irvine, California, Sept. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Financial Preparation Services launches a new website to help students consolidate their existing loans. As an industry leader in student loan services, FPS connects students to a myriad of loan deferment and consolidation plans. In fact, some students may be eligible for total loan forgiveness based on eligibility, criteria, and qualifications.

Financial Preparation Services is committed to educating borrowers about all repayment options. Sadly, this is something that not all loan servicers inform their borrowers and students. At FPS, however, they believe in helping students find the right repayment plans that work for them. This includes borrowers that are experiencing financial hardship issues, as well as those that require income-sensitive plans for short-term and long-term financial relief.

Located in Irvine, California Financial Preparation Services handles all loan deferment and forbearance applications from start to finish. With a highly-dedicated team of student loan professionals, they stay abreast of all the latest industry news and developments. This allows them to offer real-time advice for struggling students, as well as connecting them to financially sound repayment plans with flexible terms.

Financial Preparation Services, however, is not a government agency or the Department of Education. Similarly, they are not your official loan servicer, and cannot make payments on your behalf. They are a trusted and reputable company that helps students get back on the right path to financial success. Whether you have missed a few payments or simply need consolidation or deferment - FPS only assesses a fee when your loan forms are prepared, submitted, and you make your first payment on your new plan.

For students tired of dealing with loan servicers and the DOE, Financial Preparation Services takes the hassle and stress out of servicing your new loan plans. In fact, their agents perform complete loan evaluations, which secure comprehensive and personalized one-on-one budgetary consultations.

FPS specialists also handle all paperwork and processing from beginning to end. This allows you to relax and focus on meeting your student loan requirement needs. Similarly, the FPS team is with you every step of the way. This includes yearly re-certifications until the term of your loan -- with precise monitoring and tracking to ensure loan forgiveness across the board.

With great customer services and thousands of clients, Financial Preparation Services is your way back to student loan debt relief. With a proven track record of success and experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated agents, FPS remains committed to excellence in all services for new and existing students. Simply contact them today and discover a wealth of new opportunities and information.

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