New York, NY, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

NeuroBe announces the launch of a provocative neuroscience and behavioral science-based program to support corporate executives and community leaders on how to navigate through and succeed in the Post-Capitalist era. According to NeuroBe co-founder, Chad Lefevre:  

“The post-capitalist era is defined by profound shifts in values and desired outcomes that capitalism simply cannot produce - and in fact capitalism as we know it is antithetical to these value shifts. #MeToo, #blacklivesmatter, Women’s March and the climate change movements, are all post-capitalist responses widely supported by millennials, to the symptomatic social breakdowns (of which there are dozens) endemic of crumbling conservative capitalism strongholds that defined the period up to the Great Recession. The right wing tribalism and populism we are seeing emerge to counter these values-shifting movements, of which President Trump is merely a symptom, are the last dying gasps of the capitalist era; but all the evidence points to its imminent death, likely by 2030.”

NeuroBe’s program provides consulting, in-person retreats with leading experts and supporting online courses all integrating neuroscience and behavioral psychology targeted towards corporate executives and community leaders seeking guidance on how to navigate and thrive through the current trends affecting their business or community initiatives, including the values gap between Boomers and Millennials.

According to NeuroBe, capitalism values unlimited and unconstrained growth that has proven unsustainable in the context of an expanding human population, the limited resources of the planet, and the generational values gap between Boomers and Millennials. Even more profound, NeuroBe teaches that capitalist values, such as unbridled individualism, are contrary to how our brains work. How companies and communities respond, whether intentionally and proactively by design, or by unintentionally and passively by default, will determine whether they are still standing in the next decade.


 “The only thing comparable in nature that operates as traditional capitalism does, requiring unlimited and unconstrained growth, are cancer cells”, said Mr. Lefevre. The human beings that populate the planet are beginning to shirk the label of mindless “consumer. The trend is towards a more balanced and integrated existence that will be sustainable as the human population continues to expand, putting pressure on the nationstate model and capitalism as political and economic models for human existence. We are working to advise and support corporate executives and community leaders on how to transition through this shift”, said Mr. Lefevre.


NeuroBe is already working with corporate executives and some large brands to be announced later in October, who are eager to properly position and ready themselves to survive the values-based and economic transition underway. NeuroBe’s program launches in November 2018, and it’s book “The Post-Capitalist Era” comes out in the first half of 2019.



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NeuroBe is a neuroscience and behavioral psychology-infused design thinking and coaching company. We use neuroscience-based findings to decode how brains work and apply it to all levels of business, including leadership development, branding and marketing, corporate communications, and operational decision making. We then map these findings on top of desired outcome strategies that our client brands, leaders and high performing individuals seek to implement, and co-design / re-design neuroscience integrated strategies to deliver profound results and preferred outcomes.

Erin Saxton