SINGAPORE, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- International HubSpot Diamond Partner – The B2B Marketing Laboratory – has launched its first series of HubSpot classroom training courses in Singapore.

Following the success of its classroom-based training courses at its London HQ, the growth-driven marketing consultancy will now run HubSpot training classes from its Marina Bay Financial Centre offices at Tower 1, Asia Square.

The move comes as part of The B2B Marketing Lab’s expansion in the Asia Pacific region, in supporting larger Singapore-located businesses in developing Inbound Marketing strategies and deploying marketing automation programmes.

Each course will be led by a highly experienced HubSpot Accredited trainer from The B2B Marketing Lab, who has been relocated to Singapore to facilitate and manage the development of a range of HubSpot training classes.

The first class starts on Friday, 19th October and is a full-day of intensive training on “The Fundamentals of HubSpot Marketing” – covering all the key aspects of using the HubSpot marketing automation software product such as; building HubSpot landing pages, creating and embedding forms, calls to action, email creation, posting blogs & social media management – all with active workshops so you will actually get to ‘do’ not just learn theory. 

This will be repeated on Wednesday, 14th November and Wednesday, 12th December – advanced course dates will be announced soon along with the HubSpot Sales Enablement tools.

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Upcoming course details:
The “Fundamentals of HubSpot” training course - Learning about all the HubSpot tools can be tough, especially if you're looking to get up and running quickly. There are a lot of moving parts and it's always good to get someone's advice who has done it numerous times. Our HubSpot marketing training focuses on getting you to the point of running a successful Inbound Marketing campaign within the platform. From building landing pages and emails, to posting blogs and using the social media tools, our HubSpot Training will teach you the key aspects of using the HubSpot tool.

The full agenda can be found below…

Course agenda
An Introduction to the Inbound Methodology
What is Inbound Marketing and where did it come from?

Building HubSpot Pages
What makes a good landing page and how do you create one in HubSpot?

Creating HubSpot Forms
Everything from creating a basic form to implementing progressive profiling and dependent form fields.

Creating HubSpot Call to Actions
How to create, track and embed calls to action on your website.

Creating HubSpot Emails
What are the options available, why do you need them and how can you build them?

Putting your content online – Live workshop and guidance to create a functioning test landing page.

Social Media Management
Hooking up your accounts and scheduling Tweets, LinkedIn and Google+ posts.

Live workshop to get you scheduling your own social media posts and listening to your own social media audiences.

Contact Profiles
Introduction to the HubSpot contact profile.

Recap & Q&A

Georgiana Verdonk-Sim, Managing Director, APAC for HubSpot Diamond Partner B2B Marketing Lab, commented: “The launch of our HubSpot training in Singapore is as a direct result of the requests from both customers and prospects for classroom-based training in a ‘hands-on’ style. This will allow us to better support our HubSpot users in Singapore.”

Bob Dearsley, CEO of The B2B Marketing Lab, added: “We have taken the opportunity to bring one of our senior trainers to be based in Singapore. This will allow us to better support our HubSpot users as we grow our business in Singapore. We are sure that this will prove very valuable to the HubSpot community in Singapore.”

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About The B2B Marketing Lab –
The B2B Marketing Lab (B2BML) is a HubSpot Diamond Partner and the largest and longest established HubSpot Partner in EMEA. B2BML was the first HubSpot Diamond Accredited Partner in the UK and has had offices in Singapore for the last two years.

B2BML is a Growth Consultancy, which works with like-minded companies, that are growing fast and need an agile, marketing Partner to help them grow in revenues & profits. Scaling up any business is tough work, so B2BML has developed growth marketing methodologies, programme plans and expertise to help fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses to generate more leads, drive customer acquisition and build client engagement.

Founded in 2012, as part of The ITPR Group, the business has grown almost exponentially – and helps B2B organisations to transform their digital marketing strategies through Inbound Marketing Automation and Sales Automation. B2BML is a software and services provider of HubSpot marketing automation & sales enablement software with its own digital marketing consultancy, for lead generation, content marketing, lead nurturing and growth-driven website design & build.

The B2B Marketing Lab is 100% Inbound, 1,000% HubSpot!

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To speak to a member of The B2B Marketing Lab, please contact:
Georgiana Verdonk-Sim on +65 6407 1194.
Or call ITPR on +44 (0)20 7183 0288