Partnerize Launches Enhanced Commissions Suite Within its Partner Management Platform

Major enhancements to the commissions capabilities of the Partnerize PMP give advertisers greater flexibility to define and implement their commissioning strategies and dramatically enhance workflows.

San Francisco, California

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Partnerize, the leading provider of partner marketing software for global brands, today announced that it has launched a significantly improved suite of commissioning tools, delivering the most powerful and customizable capabilities in the partner marketing space. These new capabilities and improved workflows extend the company’s long-running lead in partner commissioning.

The new commissioning suite empowers advertisers to structure deals and reward partners based on emerging partnership types that are more precise and effective than basic approaches in the affiliate arena. Among the major new capabilities for partner commissioning are the following features:

  • Promotional Commissions: This time-saving feature makes it easy for advertisers to create and manage limited-time, such as holiday, promotions for their partnership programs. This also enables advertisers to quickly pivot and to incentivize their partners when there is specific inventory they want to move, such as unsold hotel rooms or clearance items, and benefits all parties, including consumers.
  • Split Commissions: The ability for commissioning to be split across the conversion funnel is something of growing interest within today’s partnership landscape. As influencers and other partners who drive top-of-funnel growth become key contributors to sales, paying them fairly and accurately is as important as paying the partner where the conversion happened. The power to configure these for each partner helps level the playing field for all.
  • Commissions by Metadata: To help advertisers make better use of the their data, Partnerize is adding the ability to commission on metadata -- a feature that gives advertisers more granularity on how they pay. For example, travel advertisers can now award partner commissions based on data points such as destination or length of booking, rather than being restricted to purchase price.
  • Commissions History: Offering a record of changes to commission rules to advertisers empowers them to understand historical rates across partners and use such insights to drive future strategy and improve sales efficiency.

Along with the new features, the user interface for both the platform and its API-based data delivery systems have been redesigned to reduce the time and steps required for the commissioning workflow.

“We re-examined every aspect of commissioning as a primary component of our platform with an eye toward giving clients and partners the best possible suite of tools for driving revenue,” said Matt Simmonds, Partnerize VP of Product. “The Partnerize commissions user interface is one of our top priorities as we look to make it frictionless for enterprises looking to engage, manage, and optimize any kind of partnership to drive growth.”

“Innovative commissioning strategies are at the heart of accelerating growth in the burgeoning partnerships arena,” said Mal Cowley, Partnerize Co-founder and CEO.  “They are key to driving strong performance in all forms of partnership, including channel partnerships, loyalty partnerships, influencers, referral partnerships, and brand-to-brand alliances, in addition to affiliate marketing. These new capabilities and workflow redesigns are a major component within our vision to build a global ecosystem that enables enterprises to grow through the power of partnerships.”

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