SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BurgDirect, delivering rare Burgundy direct from the domaine, launches today to give Burgundy-loving customers a truly unique opportunity to discover, enjoy, and collect extraordinary wines from one of the world’s most historic, complex, and prized winemaking regions.

Bypassing the usual network of importers, wholesalers, and retailers, BurgDirect links its members directly to the vignerons themselves, creating a level of access that is unavailable between this region and American consumers. BurgDirect’s inaugural offering, accessible as of today, invites members to make their first selections and choose mixed packs of three and six rare wines from a list of those available from its hand-selected Burgundy Domaine partners.

Those interested in experiencing BurgDirect can learn more and sign up to become a member at The BurgDirect process is simple:

  1. Sign up (for free) to become a member.
  2. Offers of great wines are made by the winemakers to members quarterly.
  3. Burgundy is collected from the winemakers, and shipped to a temperature-controlled warehouse in the United States.
  4. Orders are then promptly delivered to customers’ doors, or kept in the warehouse until weather conditions are right for safe delivery.

Buying wines expedited directly from Burgundy winemakers offers several unique advantages. BurgDirect provides guaranteed availability of its partners’ rare new vintages often well before they become available in domestic retail outlets (if they ever do). Purchasing through BurgDirect’s direct-to-consumer channel also guarantees the provenance of the selections, ensuring that the genuine product is handled properly and securely all the way from the vigneron to your own cellar.

The service is also designed to make annoying, complicated tasks easy. For example, reviews and scores of the wines from leading wine critics are provided, and simple and fixed ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ pricing includes all shipping, taxes, customs fees, and insurance costs already factored in. BurgDirect offers all this while enabling buyers to develop a closer relationship with the vineyards and winemakers themselves, bringing the essence of Burgundy that much closer.

“Anyone who loves Burgundy knows there is no terroir or wine quite like it – and also how difficult it can be to discover and buy grand and premier crus from small vignerons,” said Jeff Rubin, CEO, BurgDirect. “As lifelong Burgundy lovers, we founded BurgDirect on the belief that the American market needed a way to directly access Burgundy vineyards in much the same way they can already connect with premium domestic wineries, such as those in Napa.”

“Connecting directly with American connoisseurs who are most enthusiastic about and appreciative of our products is an honor, and an advantage,” said Xavier Horiot of Domaine Launay-Horiot in the Côte-d’Or commune of Pommard. “By using this direct channel, we’re able to be certain that our Burgundy reaches the customer and is enjoyed exactly as intended, with full guarantees of proper storage and tamper-proof handling between our cellar and theirs. We welcome our new partnership with BurgDirect.”

The intensive demand for Burgundy wine in recent years has been driven by two key factors: short supply and impeccable quality. With each Burgundy vintage between 2010 and 2016 suffering from low yields – sometimes falling below 50% of normal production – rare Burgundy became that much more so. At the same time, several of these vintages, especially those from 2010, 2015, and 2016, were remarkable in nature and earned tremendous and well-deserved renown. Given this environment, the direct-to-customer model is a fruitful one for the vignerons of Burgundy, enabling them to retain a higher portion of the sales price through a channel devoid of middlemen, while ensuring the proper and respectful handling of their high value, hand-crafted products, and gaining the benefits of direct feedback from end buyers.

About BurgDirect

BurgDirect is a new service enabling customers to purchase directly from Burgundy winemakers. The company provides a wine selection sourced from ten top Burgundy Domaines, including a number of premier cru and grand cru wines. BurgDirect is founded by Jeff Rubin and Bill Hebert, two U.S.-based wine devotees with a deep affection for both Burgundy and its most delicious products.

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