DENVER, Oct. 04, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dream Tree Film & Productions, in collaboration with Boulder-based ad agency Fortnight Collective, launched a digital spot on October 2nd titled “Voter|RX®.” The spoof on traditional medical advertisements aims to pique interest in voting amongst millennials, with the goal of raising voter participation within the demographic by 3-5%. In the 2014 midterm elections, voter turnout was the lowest recorded since 1942 during WWII.

The digital spoof features individuals who represent both parties, as well as apathetic non-voters, appealing to anyone and everyone by drawing a commonality between seemingly starkly different people: all of their frustrations can be “cured” by voting. In the spot, the faux “drug” Voter|RX cures feelings of exhaustion and exasperation with the news cycle, inactive citizenship, and even “electile dysfunction” among people who represent archetypes of today’s society -- from the Liberal with the Bernie Sanders tattoo to the conservative with a Democrat-dissing t-shirt.

“We wanted to create a spoof ad that wasn’t overtly ‘in your face’ about the importance of voting - more funny and poignant,” says Justin Bogardus, the writer/director who created and developed the Voter|RX concept. “Voter|RX recognizes that people across the political spectrum and the country are suffering and voting is a genuine solution, far better than the alternative. By using a satire spoof, very Saturday Night Live method of passing along our message, we hope to turn viral views into tangible votes.”

Bogardus and Dream Tree Film & Productions are behind NatureRX©, a similarly-styled medical ad spoof, promoting getting outdoors and into nature to alleviate the stresses of everyday life. NatureRX garnered over 40 million aggregate views on social media and was called “The best drug commercial you’ll ever see” by Outside Magazine. The Voter|RX concept plays off the fact that voting is actually good for one's health and well being. Studies have shown young people engaged in volunteering, voting, or activism project higher incomes later in life, and are less likely to engage in risky behavior. In addition, those who are civically involved experience fewer symptoms of depression and a lower risk of early death.

“Reaching millennial voters is increasingly important as we approach the midterm elections,” says Olivia Ahnemann, Producer of the Voter|RX spot. “Through Voter|RX’s whipsmart dialogue and punchy imagery, we aim to capture the attention of specifically millennials, but also all eligible voters, inspiring them to take a more active role in their government and future, not only in this election, but for all elections to come.”

The spot can be found at this link and --- and shared widely on Facebook here.

About Dream Tree Film & Productions
Dream Tree Film & Productions is an independent creative production company based in the Denver/Boulder, CO area with offices in NYC and Boston - focused on making great entertainment, documentaries, films, shorts and videos. Started in 2014 by award-winning writer/director/producer Justin Bogardus, Dream Tree Film has over 20 years experience in media, television and several award winning films and documentaries. Late in 2015 DTFP launched the international awarded video series with 40+ million aggregate views on social media worldwide. 

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