Salt Lake City, UT, Oct. 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Evernym officially announced today its membership in the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, MOBI. “We view MOBI as an important catalyst for innovation. It’s a forum that brings the automotive industry together to explore blockchain and distributed ledger technology,” said Nick Ris, VP Business Development Americas for Evernym.

Cars, like people, have a digital identity problem that Evernym, a technology company focused on digital identity, wants to help solve. Cars that connect online will soon need to assert their own identities and be able to verify people’s identities in ways unthinkable just a few years ago. Is this replacement component a safe one? Can I let it access the car’s network? Is this person authorized to change my settings or drive me?

The internet of things (IoT) galaxy goes beyond cars. From smart TVs to baby monitors to pacemakers to vacuums and thermostats, the list of IoT products is long and the number of already compromised devices seemingly endless.

Ris added: “We see big potential for things to strongly prove identity along the manufacturing supply chain and entire life cycle, as well as validate users’ identity while in use. For many connected objects, we can improve the experience of ownership and even allow for complex use cases, like car sharing.”

Chris Ballinger, CEO and co-founder of MOBI commented: “There are already more connected devices, including cars, than human beings and the ratio is getting more skewed. As one of the leaders in the self-sovereign Identity space and inventor of the Sovrin network, we welcome Evernym to MOBI and look forward to their participation on the identity topic. We share a common goal to get identity right.”

Evernym is joining MOBI as a full member immediately. “We are thrilled to be a member of the MOBI community and look forward to working with all fellow members who care about identity,” concluded Ris.


Self Sovereign Identity (SSI)
Self-sovereign identity enables people, organizations, and things to securely and privately store and control their own identity data, and to connect directly with other people, organizations, and things.

Founded in 2013, Evernym develops software solutions that leverage cryptography and blockchain technology to establish trust in the interaction of people, organizations and things. Learn more about Evernym and its self-sovereign identity solutions at



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