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This research is critical to identifying opportunities for R&D, technology integration, and development of new solutions and applications across industry segments. Our findings, insights, data and forecasts are also a key part of capitalizing upon the market for new and enhanced hardware, software, platforms, and services for emerging IoT networks and systems. In support of these goals, the report provides critical analysis about IIoT technologies, companies, applications, services, and solutions. Report forecasts include overall global and regional IIoT outlook as well as IIoT by industry vertical, software, hardware, and services for the period 2018 to 2023.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies are poised to transform many industry verticals including healthcare, retail, automotive, and transport. For many industries, IIoT will significantly improve reliability, production, and customer satisfaction. While, IIoT will initially improve existing processes and augmented current infrastructure, the ultimate goal will be to realize entirely new, and dramatically improved products and services. Successful companies will be those that understand how and where IoT technologies and solutions will drive opportunities for operational improvements, new and enhanced products and services, as well as completely new business models.

One clear area of improvement for industrial businesses will be Teleoperation and Telerobotics as various industries will leverage the ability to control real machines/equipment by virtual object through master controlling interfaces. Teleoperation will also be transformed by Digital Twinning, which refers to the mapping of the physical world to the digital world in which IoT Platforms and Software are leveraged to create a digital representation of physical object or asset. The Digital Twin of a physical object can provide data about the asset such as its physical state and disposition.

Target Audience:

  • Robotics companies
  • Telecom service providers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Embedded systems companies
  • Wireless device manufacturers
  • Systems integration companies
  • Sensors and actuators suppliers
  • IoT and industrial service providers

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction
1.1 Scope of Research
1.2 Target Audience
1.3 Key Findings in Report
1.4 Companies in Report

2 Executive Summary
2.1 IIoT Markets by Region 2018 - 2023
2.2 IIoT Global Markets by Products 2018 - 2023

3 Overview
3.1 Defining Industrial Internet of Things
3.1.1 People, Processes, and Technology
3.1.2 IIoT and People
3.1.3 IIoT and Processes
3.1.4 IIoT and Technologies
3.2 Critical Focal Areas for IIoT Execution
3.3 IIoT Application Areas
3.3.1 Process Optimization
3.3.2 Enhance, Integrate and Scale existing Corporate IT Systems
3.3.3 Leverage Potential of Existing Infrastructure
3.4 Forming a Foundation for IIoT
3.4.1 Industrial Internet Consortium
3.4.2 Industry Leading Companies set the Pace
3.4.3 Industry Test Beds for IIoT
3.4.4 Industrial Internet Reference Architecture
3.5 Evaluating the Future Potential of IIoT
3.5.1 Cyber-security is a Critical Concern with IIoT
3.5.2 IIoT is Facilitating a Drive in Industrial Automation
3.5.3 Early IIoT Deployments to Benefit Existing Industries
3.5.4 IIoT will work in Collaboration to achieve Success
3.5.5 IIoT and the Fourth Industry Revolution
3.5.6 IIoT to Facilitate Transition to Smart Factories
3.5.7 Connected Factory: New Roles for Suppliers and Customers
3.5.8 IIoT and Product Transformation to an as a Service Economy
3.5.9 Intelligent Manufacturing: From Smart Factories to Smarter Factories
3.5.10 Teleoperation and Tele-robotics
3.5.11 IIoT and Fifth Generation (5G) Wireless

4 IIoT Technologies
4.1 Hardware Technologies
4.1.1 Hardware Development Platforms
4.1.2 Smart Sensors
4.2 Software Technologies
4.2.1 Connectivity Platforms
4.2.2 Data Storage Platforms
4.2.3 Data Analytics and Visualization Platforms
4.2.4 IoT Protocols ZigBee Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) XMPP Accelerates IoT AMQP is Provides Rich Capabilities for Distributed Systems DDS enables Network Interoperability in IoT Thread
4.2.5 Next Generation Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
4.3 IIoT and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
4.3.1 Role and Importance with IIoT
4.3.2 MES and Cyber-Physical Systems
4.3.3 MES in the Cloud and other Convergence
4.3.4 Future of IIoT Enabled MES
4.4 Network Technologies in IIoT
4.4.1 Wireless Local Area Network
4.4.2 Wireless Personal Area Network
4.4.3 Wireless Sensor Network

5 IIoT Global Market Analysis and Forecasts 2018 - 2023
5.1 IIoT Markets by Region 2018 - 2023
5.2 IIoT Global Markets by Products Offered 2018 - 2023
5.2.1 IIoT in Hardware in 2018 - 2023 Connectivity platforms Sensor Infrastructures Hardware Development Platforms
5.2.2 IIoT in Software in 2018 - 2023 Data Storage Software Development Platforms and Apps Data Analytics Platform Cyber-security Solutions
5.2.3 IIoT in Services 2018 - 2023 Cloud based Services Management and Consulting Services
5.3 IIoT Global Markets by Industry Sector 2018 - 2023
5.3.1 IIoT Deployments in Manufacturing Sector 2018 - 2023
5.3.2 Healthcare in IIoT 2018 - 2023
5.3.3 Automotive Industry in IIoT 2018 - 2023
5.3.4 Retail Industry in IIoT 2018 - 2023
5.3.5 Oil and Gas Industry in IIoT 2018 - 2023
5.3.6 IIoT in Cargo and Logistic Sector 2018 - 2023
5.3.7 IIoT in Utilities Sector 2018 - 2023
5.3.8 IIoT in Hospitality Sector 2018 - 2023
5.4 Market for Teleoperation and Tele-robotics in IIoT
5.4.1 IIoT Teleoperation and Tele-robotics Solutions by Segment
5.4.2 IIoT Teleoperation and Tele-robotics Solutions by Region
5.4.3 IIoT Teleoperation and Tele-robotics Solutions by Tech and App
5.4.4 IIoT Teleoperation and Tele-robotics Solution by Industry Vertical
5.4.5 Artificial Intelligence in IIoT Teleoperation and Tele-robotics Solutions

6 Company Analysis
6.1 AGT International
6.2 ARM Holdings
6.3 AT&T Inc.
6.3.1 AT&T Machine to Machine Solutions
6.3.2 AT&T M2X
6.4 B+B SmartWorx
6.5 Bayshore Networks
6.6 Bosch
6.6.1 Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH
6.6.2 Bosch Software Innovations: Bosch IoT Suite
6.7 Cisco Systems Inc.
6.7.1 Cisco Industrial Networks
6.7.2 Cisco Embedded Networks
6.7.3 Management and Application Enablement
6.7.4 Physical and Cyber Cyber-security
6.7.5 Cisco IIoT Solutions
6.8 Contiki
6.9 Digi International
6.10 Echelon Corporation
6.10.1 Echelon's IzoT Platform
6.11 Elecsys Corporation
6.12 General Electric
6.12.1 GE Predicitvity Solution
6.12.2 GE Predix Platform
6.13 Jasper Technologies Inc. (Cisco)
6.14 Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.
6.15 Object Management Group (OMG)
6.15.1 Data Distribution Service (DDS)
6.15.2 Dependability Assurance Framework for Safety-Sensitive Consumer Devices
6.15.3 Threat Modelling
6.15.4 Structured Assurance Case Meta-model (SACM)
6.15.5 Unified Component Model for Distributed, Real-Time and Embedded Systems (UCM)
6.15.6 Automated Source Code CWE-SANS Top 25-Based Cyber-security Measure
6.15.7 Oil and Gas Risk Management
6.16 OneM2M Partners
6.17 ParStream (Cisco)
6.18 RIOT
6.19 Real Time Innovation (RTI)
6.19.1 RTI Connext DDS
6.19.2 RTI Industrial IoT FastTrax Program
6.20 Sensata Technologies
6.21 Symantec
6.22 Unisys Corporation
6.23 Wind River
6.24 Worldsensing
6.25 Wovyn LLC.

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