Yorktel Expands Univago HE Telehealth Platform Capabilities with Addition of Patient Observation Solution and Expanded Administrative Functions

iObserver offers customized workflows, one-click intervention capabilities designed to reduce intervention times and improve outcomes in ICU and acute care settings


Eatontown, NJ, Oct. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yorktel, a leading global provider of cloud and managed services for healthcare, enterprise and public sector customers, announces the formal roll out of iObserver, the company’s patient observation application.  iObserver offers an additional capability that builds upon the custom workflows offered within the company’s Univago HE platform. The application provides live remote monitoring of up to 12 patient rooms on a single screen with full audio and video capabilities for 24/7 observation of at-risk patients and quicker emergency interventions. Yorktel is also rolling out additional hardware configuration options and administrative updates to extend Univago HE’s capabilities.


The Patient Observation application was developed to protect the safety of patients who are a fall risk, raise behavioral health concerns or those who are at-risk but do not require being placed in an ICU room. While remotely monitoring up to 12 at-risk patients, the iObserver interface allows for clinicians to dynamically size and arrange video screen tiles according to patient profiles and levels of risk and connect directly to any of the patient rooms via audio and / or video. Additional capabilities include camera navigation within each individual room, night vision in low light rooms and motion detection to draw attention to a patient’s room for closer scrutiny.


“We are continually working to improve upon Univago HE to ensure that it delivers versatile, reliable and secure workflows vital to a broad range of telemedicine applications,” said Ron Gaboury, Chief Executive Officer, Yorktel. “The addition of iObserver to its existing range of custom workflows is the latest example of our commitment to extending Univago HE’s capabilities to meet the evolving needs of clinicians in today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare delivery environment. This new feature enables continuous monitoring of at-risk patients and can dramatically reduce the time between a risk event and emergency intervention.  This can obviously improve outcomes in addition to reducing both staffing costs and stress on clinicians.”


Through iObserver workflows, clinicians can quickly alert staff when patients require assistance. One-click intervention capabilities are a key feature of these workflows and they enable clinicians to immediately perform a number of actions to trigger an intervention when a patient is in need. 

Univago HE enables clinicians to establish profiles and categorize patients based on reason for observation and level of risk. Once a profile is developed within the iObserver workflow, the Univago HE admin portal logs key data around the observation, including the start and stop of a session, and the response time or duration of any interventions. This data can be exported into patient records and used for documentation and billing purposes as well as gathered into usage reports to analyze the effectiveness of a patient observation program.


Additional updates to the solution enable a flexible equipment footprint, with two configuration sizes to help improve fitment into various patient environments. To improve user management and ease of functionality, Univago HE also features Single Sign On, which allows users to access the platform in a central location and once authenticated, select one of multiple assigned roles. Expanded provisioning tools and capabilities simplify deployment of software on Univago HE devices and advanced reporting provides detailed usage and performance metrics to better capture utilization of assets.


An extension of Yorktel’s proven Univago™ video services platform, Univago HE was created to help healthcare providers streamline and simplify video collaboration and improve patient outcomes by enabling clinicians to focus on the delivery of quality care without having to worry about the complexity or reliability of telemedicine technology. With a flexible, standards-based design, the versatility of the Univago HE platform gives healthcare systems the ability to consolidate their various telehealth programs onto a single video platform, improving clinician efficiency and potential care response time and providing a strong positive return on investment.



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