Inmar Partners with Transaction Data Systems to Keep Community Pharmacies at the Center of Patient Care

Partnership Provides Competitive Advantage for Independent Pharmacies


Winston-Salem, Oct. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Inmar announced a strategic partnership with Transaction Data Systems (TDS) brands Rx30 and Computer-Rx to provide comprehensive business services for community pharmacies. To drive profitability, mitigate risk and improve efficiency as a preferred TDS partner, Inmar will provide independent pharmacies with the opportunity to select solutions within Inmar’s Independent Pharmacy product bundle that relieve administrative burdens while increasing productivity, store traffic and profitability.

Independent pharmacies play a vital role in their communities with established patient relationships and in turn, address medication safety and help patients adhere to prescribed medication regimens. Inmar’s Independent Pharmacy solutions are supported by a dedicated account team working personally with pharmacies around the country. The combination of the personal connection with the account team and best-in-class technology aligns with the culture and mission of personal care. Community pharmacies establish and strengthen these relationships while addressing certain challenges from increased competition, decreasing margins and high patient care standards.

Rx30 and Computer-Rx customers will have access to Inmar’s Independent Pharmacy product bundle and will choose solutions that best meet each pharmacy’s individual needs. Product offerings allow pharmacies to focus on their patients while Inmar focuses on their business. Product options include:

  • Rx Recon + Collections and Cash Rx Revenue Recovery
  • On-Site Rx Returns
  • Consumer Drug Take-Back
  • MyRxCard Discount Card powered by LifeInCheck

“The same way that the community pharmacist has a relationship with patients, Inmar visits and develops a relationship with each pharmacy that it provides services,” said Jennifer Mauldin, President and Chief Client Officer at Inmar. “We are thrilled to partner with TDS to bring our innovative solutions to independent pharmacies and provide administrative business services that will help strengthen both patient relationships and pharmacy management.”

Independent pharmacies that leverage TDS software and implement Inmar’s solutions are armed with a competitive advantage against larger pharmacies in the marketplace. Inmar’s analytics, platforms and services create efficiencies to optimize results and to drive profitable growth. For over 25 years, Inmar has been a trusted intermediary, managing billions of dollars of healthcare transactions and applying the highest standards for data and financial controls that go beyond regulatory requirements.  

“TDS is excited to announce its partnership with Inmar, a respected service and technology partner delivering a valuable suite of solutions and services to our customers,” said Jude Dieterman, TDS President and CEO. “We at TDS are committed to bringing innovative and progressive partners to our customers to help them efficiently and effectively serve their communities and patients.”

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About Transaction Data Systems (TDS)
For the past 41 years, TDS has been dedicated to the success of independent pharmacy. TDS, with its family of products including Rx30, Computer-Rx and Enhanced Medication Services, provides pharmacy systems and other innovative technology to the pharmacy industry. Its proven pharmacy management software and its continually growing and evolving products and services offer pharmacies the technology and support they need to succeed in a dynamic pharmacy marketplace. Proudly supporting the largest install base of independent pharmacies in the industry with systems in all 50 states and the Virgin Islands, TDS is the unquestioned leader in Independent Pharmacy Management Software.


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