Partnership simplifies data collection for enterprise IT resources beyond Google Cloud Platform

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. and LONDON, Oct. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reflecting the increasing importance of hybrid and multi-cloud visibility among enterprises, IT monitoring integration innovator Blue Medora announces a new collaboration with the Google Cloud team to integrate Blue Medora’s Dimensional Data stream into Google Stackdriver.

This partnership, which includes certification of the BindPlane Monitoring-Integration-as-a-Service for Stackdriver, is planned to make it easier for customers to take full advantage of Stackdriver’s observability capabilities in large, complex enterprise environments.

Google Stackdriver brings together application performance tracing, logs, and infrastructure monitoring functions into a single tool. Unified visualization and alerting capabilities across these functions are part of an emerging superset of monitoring called observability. Observability aims to reduce IT outages by providing users and predictive analytics engines better visibility into IT systems health through increased data resolution/depth and context.

Leveraging open source data collection methods to extend Stackdriver can be difficult for companies. BindPlane is a departure from traditional data collection methods that uses a single, self-maintaining connection to stream health and performance data on the top enterprise technologies in real-time to the world's best IT performance monitoring and analytics platforms.

Unlike traditional or open-source integrations, which typically rely on flat metrics, BindPlane delivers context for observability by enhancing health and performance metrics with critical metadata about the relationships between all the metrics in the IT stack.

“Google Stackdriver has become more popular across enterprise customers because of its front-end innovations to deliver unified observability,” explains Christian Fernando, chief product officer at Blue Medora. “Adding BindPlane capabilities will allow complex enterprises to unlock Stackdriver’s observability capabilities across their full-stack by unifying the back-end subsystems of metrics, logs and tracing data.”

With the partnership in place, Blue Medora and the Google Cloud Platform team have kicked off joint engineering work to deliver all of BindPlane’s nearly 150 integrations as a seamless solution called BindPlane for Stackdriver. The first phase of development will include key workloads such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL, Apache Cassandra, VMware vSphere and Apache Kafka. BindPlane for Stackdriver is planned to be available later this year via the Google Cloud Platform marketplace and will be offered as part of the existing Stackdriver solution.

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Blue Medora’s mission is to advance delivering IT monitoring integration as a service. Since its founding, Blue Medora has innovated deep performance inspection capabilities across disparate enterprise technologies, at tremendous scale and quality. BindPlane now supports 100 distinct technologies, enhancing the monitoring and analytics engines of VMware, New Relic, Oracle and others. Blue Medora’s unique “Dimensional Data” approach to the monitoring integration challenge is designed for customers seeking best of breed telemetry and management across multiple IT teams and operating across hybrid/heterogeneous environments.

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Blue Medora’s pioneering IT monitoring integration as a service addresses today’s IT challenges by easily connecting system health and performance data--no matter its source--with the world’s leading monitoring and analytics platforms. Blue Medora helps customers unlock dimensional data across their IT stack, otherwise hidden by traditional approaches to metrics collection.

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