ROUND ROCK, Texas, Oct. 11, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ClearCorrect, LLC, a leading manufacturer of clear aligners, is joining forces with Dental Monitoring SAS to empower doctors to monitor the progress of orthodontic treatment and communicate with patients more efficiently.

With Dental Monitoring’s easy-to-use app for iOS and Android, patients take photos of their treatment progress and upload them into the Dental Monitoring system. Dental Monitoring’s Photo Monitoring service uses proprietary machine learning algorithms to compare the images against a large body of previous data and provide the doctor with a detailed analysis on an information-rich website.

The system can also deliver messages to patients via the Dental Monitoring app. These messages can be customized by the doctor to address specific clinical situations, such as aligner fit issues, or loss of engagers. The software also has the potential to accelerate treatment by helping doctors assess whether the patient is ready to progress to the next aligner and sending customized wear instructions through the app.

Earlier this year, the Straumann Group invested in Dental Monitoring and secured global distribution rights to their technology, which it is now integrating into its portfolio of orthodontic and digital solutions. The two companies plan to collaborate to develop further applications for artificial intelligence in the dental field.

“Our investment in Dental Monitoring provides us with access to artificial intelligence technology,” commented Peter Zihla, Executive Vice President & Head of Straumann’s Digital Business Unit. “It secures an innovative partner with the necessary expertise to further the Group’s mission to develop cutting-edge solutions in dentistry and orthodontics.”

To celebrate this partnership, ClearCorrect is launching a new promotion offering doctors in the United States and Canada who register for Dental Monitoring a 15% discount on eligible ClearCorrect orders, two free cheek retractors, and free Photo Monitoring for the duration of treatment. To be eligible, the treatment setup for orders must be approved between acceptance in the promotion and December 31, 2018. ClearCorrect and Dental Monitoring are available in several countries but this promotional offer only extends to doctors located and practicing in the United States and Canada.  

Doctors can learn more and register for the promotion at

About ClearCorrect
ClearCorrect’s clear aligners have been discreetly correcting simple and complex malocclusion cases since 2006. ClearCorrect offers a flexible and convenient clear aligner system to thousands of doctors around the world. ClearCorrect is a proud member of the Straumann Group, a global leader in tooth replacement solutions that restore smiles and confidence. For more information, visit or call (888) 331-3323.

About Dental Monitoring
Dental Monitoring SAS developed and launched the world’s first remote monitoring orthodontic system and pioneered the use of AI in the field of dentistry. Founded in 2013, it initially launched its product in France in 2015 to acquire sufficient clinical data and develop accurate dental algorithms. Commercial sales commenced in 2017 and DM products are currently sold in the USA, France, the UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. With headquarters in Paris, France, and offices in the USA, Australia and Hong Kong, DM has more than 120 employees. For further information please visit

About the Straumann Group
The Straumann Group (SIX: STMN) unites global and international brands that stand for excellence, innovation and quality in replacement, corrective and digital dentistry, including Straumann®, Neodent®, Medentika®, ClearCorrect, Dental Wings. In collaboration with leading clinics, institutes and universities, the Group researches, develops and supplies dental implants, instruments, CADCAM prosthetics, digital and orthodontic solutions as well as biomaterials for applications in replacement, restorative, esthetic and preventative dentistry. Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, the Group employs 5500 people and its products, solutions and services are available in more than 100 countries. For further information please visit  

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