Guard Dog, Inc. Appoints Well-Known Microcap Analyst, George Sharp, as President and CEO and Sets Course for Complete Transparency


BOULDER CITY, Nev., Oct. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE – Guard Dog, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRDO) has unveiled a new management team led by well-known microcap analyst, George Sharp, who will act as President and CEO of the company, at least in the interim.   Mr. Sharp is joined by Leonard Harris, a long-time figure in the Canadian public markets, and IT guru and entrepreneur, Paul Pegolo, on the Board of Directors.  Management’s current mission is to eliminate all debt in exchange for preferred stock, and bring all of Guard Dog’s filings up to date, thereby making the company attractive to an existing venture and/or asset. 

Already, the company has reduced the authorized number of shares by 50% and has committed itself to avoiding a reverse split of the stock.  Until Guard Dog has become a viable entity, management will not be compensated neither in equity nor accruing salary.  Furthermore, management will not, under any circumstances, engage in toxic borrowing or participate in any promotion of Guard Dog stock.  As Mr. Sharp has long preached, such promotions are designed to benefit only those parties whose intentions are to sell stock, and potential investors would be well-advised to refrain from providing aid and comfort to those who would engage in such shenanigans by avoiding investments in the stock of promoted issuers.

On October 11th, OTC Markets Group published Guard Dog’s updated company profile page.  Upon the imminent completion of updated financials, Guard Dog will provide them to OTC Markets for their inspection, and upon OTC Market’s satisfaction, it is anticipated that the “Stop Sign” will be replaced by a “Yield”, indicating “Pink Sheet Limited”.  Guard Dog believes that following the dissemination of two consecutive on-time quarterly financial statements, the company will be deemed “Current”.

The company has also informed its transfer agent, that in order for it to maintain Guard Dog’s account, it would be required to soon become a “verified transfer agent”, under OTC Market’s guidelines.  In this way, the current share count will continually be updated on the company’s profile page at the OTC Market’s website.

Mr. Sharp has a long history of exposing fraud in the penny stock market and his litigation, forensic research, and efforts to educate the public of ongoing frauds, has been recognized by the press, regulators, and government authorities.  His work has contributed to the indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration of several ill-intended individuals, including attorneys, and has often led to the suspension of dubious issuers.  Mr. Sharp intends to bring the same commitment to integrity in his attempt to make Guard Dog a viable enterprise.

Guard Dog management cautions prospective buyers of its common stock, that there is no guarantee that the attempt to make Guard Dog a viable entity will be successful and admonishes the public to be aware that investments in penny stocks like Guard Dog can be risky.  Investors should not rely on third party remarks or opinions and should be aware that forums like often serve the devious intentions of those who post on them.

It is the policy of Guard Dog management not to respond to forward looking questions, such as variations of (1) “When will the filings be complete?”; (2) ”Where do you think the stock is going?”; (3) “Is Guard Dog stock a good investment?”; (4) “Why is the share price up/down?”; and (5) “When will we hear news?”.  Investors who are only interested in the day to day price of the stock would be better served by investing in other issuers whose shares fall outside of the scope of penny stocks.

About George Sharp

Drawing from his experiences as a litigant, investigator and forensic researcher, George Sharp consults with attorneys, regulators, financial markets and publicly-traded companies seeking to protect investors.  He has appeared on television and has been referenced in the print media for his efforts to combat microcap fraud. To learn more about George Sharp's services, visit

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