VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CoPilot Advisor today announced that one of its portfolio companies, CoPilot Advisor (, has hit a key revenue milestone of $400,000 ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue). By adding subscribers at numerous high profile firms including New York Life, MassMutual, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, LPL, Raymond James, and Cambridge Research, CoPilot Advisor has experienced continued momentum led by 30% monthly growth.

This milestone is part of CoPilot Advisor’s growth strategy, which focuses on capturing a larger market share of the 14 million enterprise sales professionals and 40 million other professionals across 18 verticals in North America. CoPilot didn’t simply grow by building a great product then crossing their fingers and hoping it would catch on. The team is organized around the very same growth methodologies employed by Silicon Valley startups like Dropbox, Airbnb, or Facebook.

“There is a studied, carefully implemented methodology behind CoPilot’s growth. We love investing and supporting teams like this,” says Shafin Diamond Tejani, CEO of Victory Square Technologies. “We are looking forward to the next key milestone the CoPilot Advisor team will surpass as they continue to capture market share across several additional verticals.”

CoPilot Advisor’s unique approach to prospecting using advanced artificial intelligence and curated messaging has created more than 20,000 high-quality introductions to their current subscriber base since launching in May 2018.

“Sales reps have forgotten how to sell. They’re spending way too much time entering data into CRMs, when most of that data is now available on social media. Our mission is to use A.I. to help sales professionals focus on connecting with human beings in a timely, organic and non-spammy way,” says Henry Bee, CEO and Co-founder of CoPilot Advisor. “By hitting this milestone we move closer to achieving our goal of helping a million sales professionals drive more new business and referrals without cold calling or spending a dime on ads.”

CoPilot Advisor is a SaaS-based customer engagement platform that uses A.I. to help businesses accelerate growth through:

- Capturing more high-quality leads 
- Engaging with the leads through nurturing
- Closing more accounts
- Spending less time prospecting 
- Getting a better return on marketing spend

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CoPilot Advisor is a SaaS-based platform that uses A.I. to allow businesses to connect with their audience in a whole new way by leveraging rich social data. 3 billion people now live on social media, and yet, businesses and their sales teams are still largely operating on outdated tools like email and CRM.

CoPilot’s service is designed to serve tens of millions of sales and enterprise professionals across 18 different verticals. Using cutting-edge A.I., CoPilot improves the quality of leads through targeted introductions and keeps the leads warm with intelligent lead nurturing sequences. By making social data accessible and easy to  lead gen/nurturing process on social, CoPilot Advisor helps sales professionals get back to what they do best: closing new business. For more information, please visit


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VST has a proven process for identifying and investing in extraordinary startups who are working on innovative and disruptive projects in every sector of the global economy, including Finance, Health, Real Estate, Insurance, Entertainment and Education. VST uses their experience, expertise and resources to help grow and scale these portfolio companies, which results in explosive returns for VST and its shareholders. For more information, please visit