IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Hyperice Inc. announces the launch of “Hyperice Wellness,” an initiative that brings together years of performance technology and expertise, to provide innovative wellness solutions for corporations and employees worldwide. By incorporating Hyperice’s state-of-the-art technology with world-class education and training curriculum, the Hyperice wellness program aims to enhance workplace performance, productivity and well-being. 

As part of a comprehensive approach, this innovative program provides a variety of integrations, including on-site mobility classes and seminars for employees, custom protocols for ergonomics, and access to Hyperice mobility and recovery devices.  Unlike many wellness programs, these offerings can operate independently or in conjunction with any existing corporate wellness program. 

“By incorporating our world-class technology and education, we believe we can improve performance and productivity in any workplace,” said Anthony Katz, Founder of Hyperice. “More importantly, we believe we can improve every employee’s well-being and health.  To accomplish this objective, we are committed to bringing the same tools and technology used by the world’s most elite athletes to the workplace.”

In addition to the platform, Hyperice is also introducing its latest offering, the Hyperice Wellness Pod, a “wellness room” concept, providing easy accessibility to leading tools, technology and education in a physical location. The Hyperice Wellness Pods are designed to outfit space in any corporate, performance or fitness setting. The new Hyperice corporate wellness offerings have now been adopted by many Inc. 500 companies.

Stance, a leading accessory company based in Carlsbad, well-known for their forward-thinking approach to wellness and nutrition, has also begun using Hyperice to complement their existing wellness protocol.

“I saw how great Hyperice was after seeing our employees moving and feeling physically better. When the employees are not in pain, they’re functioning better and in turn their productivity goes up!” said Naomi Talbot, Stance, Director of Corporate Wellness. “Partnering with Hyperice and utilizing their technology got our employee population moving and more engaged in our wellness program.”

As the leader in recovery and movement technology and a trusted brand within the industry, Hyperice has driven innovation in professional sports, fitness and consumer markets since 2012. Hyperice recently made national headlines, with the launch of the Hypervolt featuring Quiet Glide technology, an award-winning vibration massage device, available in over 50 countries worldwide. The Hyperice vibration technology and know-how, which has been developed and utilized for over 6 years, will now be applied directly to the corporate setting.

“At Hyperice, we look to partner with forward-thinking companies to plan, inspire and develop cutting-edge programs for optimizing employees’ well-being and improving performance in the workplace,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “We believe we can have a positive impact on every employee and every company on the planet.”

To see Hyperice Wellness in action at Stance, click here:

About Hyperice: HYPERICE is an Inc. 500 global recovery and movement enhancement technology company, specializing in portable high-performance sports medicine and orthopedic devices that provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance. HYPERICE's groundbreaking technology is setting the standard and is being used by the world's most elite athletes in professional and collegiate training rooms and in rehabilitation facilities globally.

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