Her Excellency the First Lady of Zimbabwe, the Honorable Madam Auxillia Mnangagwa, Founders Megan & Dennis Doyle, and General Mills Recognized at 2018 Night to MATTER Gala

Minneapolis, Minnesota, Oct. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MATTER unveiled, at the Night to MATTER Gala on October 13, 2018, three new strategic initiatives to further advance the organization's focus on innovation while strategically growing to deliver solutions that give people locally, and around the world, a chance at a healthier life.

"In the last three years, MATTER's strategic goal was to expand access to health for 10 million people worldwide," stated Quenton Marty, president of MATTER. "We are pleased to report we exceeded that goal and have now developed bold new initiatives to continue growing our impact around the globe."

Dennis and Megan Doyle, who founded MATTER 18 years ago, were recognized with the Legacy Award, honoring them for the vision and foresight to launch a nonprofit focused on doing good both domestically and internationally.

MATTER’s new three-year strategic initiatives, beginning 2019, are:

  • Nationwide Expansion of the MATTERbox Program
  • Zimbabwe Health and Nutrition Efforts
  • Innovation Hub Launch

General Mills was honored as the 2018 Company That MATTERS at the gala. Involved with MATTER for many years, one of the most impactful joint efforts centered on the ‘1 Million Acts of Good’ campaign led by Cheerios and Ellen DeGeneres. This partnership resulted in MATTERbox packing events on 50 college campuses in 26 different states, resulting in 30,000 snack packs full of General Mills foods that were distributed to community centers, schools, and individuals locally, impacting tens of thousands of lives with healthy food and nutrition education. This collaboration piloted the first intentional country-wide use of the innovative MATTERbox program, setting the stage for a new strategic initiative of expanding the MATTERbox program nationally. 

Another strategic imperative centers on the country of Zimbabwe. The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Her Excellency Auxillia Mnangagwa, was recognized with the Humanitarian Award for the work of her Angel of Hope Foundation. MATTER is partnering with the First Lady and the Angel of Hope Foundation to oversee a three-year strategic initiative to increase access to health and nutrition for the people of Zimbabwe. This initiative will focus on equipping hospitals with the tools they need to care for people with dignity, as well as establishing nutrition gardens to serve hospitals and communities with nutrient-rich crops to address malnutrition and strengthen preventive healthcare.

MATTER’s third strategic initiative revolves around the Innovation Hub, a unique, customizable learning center, the result of a collaborative effort between MATTERModular Life Solutions, and Jamf, a computer software company specializing in Apple management solutions. As a portable learning environment, the MATTER Innovation Hub is outfitted with solar power and can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world. Utilizing the latest technology, this twenty-first century classroom provides engaging and personalized learning for children and adults who otherwise would have limited access to education. The first international Innovation Hub was recently placed in Haiti and domestically a hub was installed at Cristo Rey High School in Minnesota.

Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf commented, “With a vision to help people live healthy lives next door and around the world, MATTER is the perfect partner for Jamf. MATTER’s enthusiasm for the Innovation Hub, coupled with their experience working across the globe, equips us with the expertise needed to offer a quality technology-enabled education to anyone, anywhere.”

Casey Carl, MATTER board chair concluded, “MATTER is an innovative and resourceful nonprofit. We are confident that we will continue to make a remarkable impact throughout the world as a result of our new strategic initiatives. We look forward to sharing our progress!”



MATTER is a Minnesota-based global nonprofit on a mission to move people forward by giving them a chance at a healthier life. Internationally, MATTER addresses these barriers by giving hospitals the tools they need to care for the sick and injured in dignified ways, and by designing solutions to create diversified and resilient farms. Hope and opportunity also reaches people through the MATTER Innovation Hub, a portable learning environment outfitted with solar power that can be shipped and set up anywhere in the world. Throughout the United States, MATTER activates healthy eating for kids and families with the MATTERbox program, a novel solution to healthy food access and nutrition education. Learn more at


General Mills was honored by MATTER, a Minnesota-based nonprofit, as the 2018 Company That MATTERS at the 18th Annual Night To MATTER Gala on October 13. 2018. Mary Jane Laird, Executive Director, General Mills Foundation, Global Philanthropy & Volunteerism (center), accepted the award for General Mills from Tyler Van Eps, Vice President of Corporate Relations for MATTER (left) and Marcel Smits, Chief Financial Officer of Cargill (right), last year's winner.

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