Pre-Configured Units or Design from Scratch Solution Creates Custom Workstations the Apply Lean Manufacturing Principles

LAKEWOOD, N.J., Oct. 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- UNEX Manufacturing, Inc., the trusted industry leader in innovative order picking solutions, will introduce its new Online Configurator for Flow Cell in Booth 1119 at the upcoming Assembly Show, which takes place Oct. 23 – 25 in Rosemont, IL. This easy-to-use solution offers users the ability to select pre-configured units or design Flow Cells from scratch. UNEX Flow Cells are ideal for line-side assembly workstations because of their modular, flexible, and structurally-sound design that helps eliminate waste and boost productivity within assembly operations.

“With regulatory pressures tightening, customers wanting more customization and tariffs on materials and imports causing a rise in prices, the need to utilize lean principles within assembly and manufacturing plants is more critical than ever,” says Brian C. Neuwirth, VP Sales & Marketing, UNEX Manufacturing. “That’s why we are introducing the Flow Cell configurator at the Assembly Show. No one knows our customers’ operations better than the customer themselves, and our Configurator allows them to design a solution that meets their specific needs and creates agile solutions to help them overcome these challenges.”

Using the UNEX Flow Cell Configurator design tool, users can design the equipment that fits their own unique specifications, or select from a dozen pre-configured units with no engineering, AutoCAD, or SolidWorks experience required. Once users select the unit they want, they choose the width, depth and height of their Flow Cell Unit. Span-Track flow options and accessories, such as handles, pick trays, casters and workbenches can be added to make the best configuration for each unique operation.

Designs can be viewed in 3D and rotated for visual inspection. When the online configuration form is complete and submitted, UNEX will send a bill of materials that features the design. UNEX Flow Cells are proven to increase space utilization by 50 percent, reduce reaching and improve ergonomics, keep inventory organized and off the floor, and boost productivity up to 30 percent.

Visit Booth 1119 at The Assembly Show to see the other order picking and storage solutions that UNEX will exhibit, including:

  • Lean Assembly Workstations - Keep products close by in assembly operations so workers don’t have to reach or search for the next component, saving time and creating safety for the worker.
  • Lineside Flow Cell – The standard for Kaizen and waste reduction continuous improvement processes.
  • Presentation Rack – Making it easier for picking small parts out of multi-size totes in assembly operations.
  • Heavy-Duty Roller/Battery Rack – Use for flowing heavy totes or batteries to assembly lines.
  • Single Lane Layback - Great flow rack when transporting goods from process to process, decreasing travel time from station to station and presenting products in a sequential layback design to keep operations efficient.
  • Steel Pick Tray Unit – Keeps small parts closer to assembly line; titled trays are good for slow moving parts.

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Founded in 1964, UNEX is the trusted industry leader in order picking solutions that maximize space usage, increase pick rates and improve ergonomics. UNEX offers a full range of order picking solutions, including their patented carton flow solution Span-Track, a full line of gravity conveyor products tailored to the order picking process and UNEX Flow Cells for durable, modular and portable storage for the manufacturing floor. For assembly and medium to small items, UNEX SpeedCell is a dynamic, high-density storage solution that optimizes storage and pick space. Using an extensive distribution channel, the company ensures local support is available for every customer, no matter the location, exceeding customer expectations through continuous improvement, customer service and empowered employees. UNEX is an ISO-certified company committed to quality and bringing value to customers in the wine & spirits distribution, food & beverage, retail and manufacturing industries. For more information, visit:

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