Wayne, PA, Oct. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICTV Brands, Inc. (OTCQX: ICTV), (CSE: ITV), an international Omni Channel sales, marketing and branding company focused on the health, wellness and beauty sector.

Micro, the newest and most convenient no!no!® hair removal and treatment device of the no!no!® family, sells out in record time in its first appearance on one of Americas leading Live Home Shopping channels, with the channel requesting urgent resupply to continue live Micro sales presentations as quickly as possible.

Micro is no bigger than a credit card and utilizes the same professional grade patented Thermicon® technology as it’s more expensive predecessor and is just as effective. Micro removes unwanted hair with no pain, while thermally treating the hair to deliver long lasting hair removal results at a retail price point that is affordable for the mass market. Whether a first time no!no!® user, or a tween looking to begin their hair removal routine, or someone looking to remove the peach fuzz from their face, to men looking to remove heavy chest, arm and back hair, Micro is the perfect choice to effectively remove unwanted hair painlessly with long lasting results.

Last week ICTV shipped Micro inventory to the world’s largest retailer to initially stock all of their 245 Canadian stores, while in the UK the largest pharmacy/retailer required ICTV to deliver more Micro units to replenish their shelves.

In the US, major retailers and box stores have called for ICTV to present it’s 2019 Micro marketing plan, which amongst other things includes store-based dot com promotions, as well as retail placement for store tagged TV backed Mother’s Day and Christmas promotions.

ICTV has spent the last 8 months testing price points (and promotional material) and 99 (Dollars in the US and Pounds in the UK) is the retail price point that exhibits massive retail velocity while still providing highly profitable margins to ICTV.

Micro by no!no!® will be featured December 2018 in the US’s largest woman’s fashion magazine and ICTV believes that Micro will be one of 2019’s hottest selling hair removal and treatment devices in the ICTV run US and UK markets, as well as through ICTV’s 70 country international distribution chain.

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