Scientus Pharma Obtains Health Canada Approval for Cannabis Oils and Softgel Production

Whitby, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, Oct. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HydRx Farms Ltd. (o/a Scientus Pharma) (“Scientus” or the “Company”), a biopharmaceutical company conducting research and product development for extracts and formulations related to medical cannabinoids and their derivatives, is pleased to announce that it has received Health Canada authorization to produce cannabis softgel capsules and oils at its state-of-the-art, 45,000 Sq. Ft. commercial production facility in Whitby, Ontario.

The company is now ready to launch the next generation advancement toward a more consistent and safer product for medical patients. To date, existing extraction methods in the industry do not adequately activate the medicinal component of the cannabis plant, such as THC and CBD. Nor do they compensate for large batch-to-batch variability inherent in natural plant materials. Scientus has solved these challenges on both fronts.

“At Scientus Pharma, our main purpose is to provide patients and physicians with a standardized, predictable and effective medicine. We have developed a proprietary continuous flow extraction platform to produce consistent batch profiles of oils and softgel capsules with 100% decarboxylation,” said Har Grover, Chairman and CEO of Scientus. “This will allow us to generate product predictability, to increase patient safety and to help health care practitioners improve dosing guidelines.”

Scientus has been granted a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on the first of its patent applications. The Company has several other patent applications pending that, if granted, would provide additional protection for its formulation and extraction technologies.

About Patient Safety

Many patients interested in exploring medical cannabis therapies have been looking for derivatives that are predictable and effective. Up until now, the most consistent and efficacious method to benefit from the therapeutic effects of cannabis was smoking the plant, which traditionally delivers the highest level of decarboxylation and potency. Decarboxylation is the chemical process that activates the potency of the cannabis plant through heat.

With several delivery methods now available, patients are no longer restricted to having to smoke cannabis to obtain the full therapeutic benefit. But this diversity comes with its own risks, because potency levels among non-combustible medical cannabis products, such as a concentrate or an oil, varies greatly based on the method used to activate the cannabinoids.

In fact, a recent Canadian study that looked at cannabis oils, concentrates and capsules currently available for medical use, uncovered varying levels of potency from batch to batch within the same product families. This means that patients could be paying hundreds of dollars monthly for medical cannabis derivatives that either have no therapeutic effects at all, or that are much more potent than expected and could result in a negative experience.

About Scientus Pharma’s Production

The cannabis plant is highly complex with over 500 elements.  There can also be huge variability in batches from one harvest to another.  Many growers have developed standardized cultivation methods to reduce these variabilities, but that is not enough when it comes to producing derivatives for medical purposes.  This variability must be reduced or eliminated in order to align with the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors such as consumer products and beverages.

The Company’s process starts with the extraction method. Scientus Pharma has developed a proprietary method for extraction and activation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from the cannabis plant.  The result is an intermediary resin that can be used in a range of dosing forms.  The company’s extraction process provides the chemical and biological quality control appropriate for pharmaceutical grade product lines.

“At a manufacturing capacity of up to 200,000 cannabis softgel capsules per hour, we believe that our in-house production capabilities are unrivaled,” said Mr. Grover. “That, combined with our ability to produce cannabis-infused gelatins into a product that is >99% activated for THC and CBD, makes us unique in the cannabis industry. Our production platform can also be major value-add in the beverage sector.”

In addition to the production license received, the Company has had its pre-sales audit, the final step prior to receiving its Sales License from Health Canada.

About Scientus Pharma Inc.

Scientus Pharma Inc. is a vertically-integrated biopharmaceutical Licensed Producer and Licensed Dealer under the Narcotics Control Regulations of Canada who conducts scientific research on cannabinoids with a focus on developing and commercializing pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid derivative products. Being one of a limited number of Licensed Dealers in Canada authorized to handle and conduct cannabinoid products, Scientus Pharma has the ability to wholesale, buy, process and sell cannabinoid derivatives, from and to other Licensed Producers, as well as international markets. Scientus is also a Licensed Producer under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

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Chairman and CEO

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