SpaceLife Origin Announces Human Conception and Childbirth in Space

Bio-tech company to safe-guard human ‘Seeds-of-Life’ in space by 2020, make human embryo conception feasible by 2021 and human birth by 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SpaceLife Origin, the first company that will make human reproduction in space safely possible, is announcing their Missions Program 2020-2024 in order to secure future human generations beyond Earth.

SpaceLife Origin announces its Missions Program 2020-2024
The missions program SpaceLife Origin developed is sequential in time, whereby each previous mission strengthens the outcome of the next missions. In this way a safe and proven step-by-step methodology and unique patent pending technology will be developed resulting in achieving our overall vision: enabling sustainable life beyond Earth. The mission’s program is established with the help of ethical, medical, technical, and legal experts. SpaceLife Origin has entered in partnerships with universities and leading suppliers from the space technology and medical sector.

SpaceLife Origins CEO and Founder, Kees Mulder, delivered a keynote keynote presentation at the Harvest Summit, where it was announced that the very first baby born in space will be feasible by 2024. This highlights a new era towards sustainable colonization of other planets, securing future generations. “If humanity wants to become a multi-planetary species, we also need to learn how to reproduce in space,” said Mulder.

Jessica Kilcullen, Co-founder and Chief Harvester at Harvest Summit, adds, “Debuting SpaceLife Origin at Harvest Summit underscores our commitment to inspire leaders, regardless of industry, to be bold, think differently, and take risks. We must put the humanity back into our approaches and work together to create a future of possible.”

Missions Ark – Safeguard human ‘seeds of life’ in space by 2020
Patent pending technology is the core of SpaceLife Origin Ark, which contains 1.000 protected tubes with human reproduction cells. The Ark provides a safe, radiation shielded environment. The cells (male, female and 2-PN) are harvested in approved and supervised IVF clinics worldwide. The cells are vitrified and stored safely in secure Earth locations and in a satellite in space. Protecting the cells for any catastrophic event on Earth for decades. The ultimate and most unique insurance for mankind. Real-time tracking and footage from cameras on board enable customers to view and show their ‘seeds-of-life’ cells in orbit.

Missions Lotus – human conception in space by 2021
We are developing proprietary technology creating a new ‘Space-Embryo-Incubator’. This embryo incubator is sent into space and contains male and female reproduction cells. Once in space, the embryos are conceived and start developing. After 4 days, the incubator returns to Earth where the embryos are checked. The actual pregnancies and births will occur on Earth. With our team of experts we will ensure the flawless, safe methodology and technology to make this next step in human evolution feasible.

Missions Cradle - human childbirth in space by 2024
“It’s a small step for a baby, but a giant baby-step for mankind,” said Dr. Egbert Edelbroek, SpaceLife Origins Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer. A bold yet realistic objective of SpaceLife Origin is the actual birth of the first human baby in space. During a 24-36 hour mission a woman will give birth at 250 miles above Earth, accompanied by a trained, world-class medical team. A carefully prepared and monitored process will reduce all possible risks, similar to western standards as they exist on Earth for both mother and child.

Why is SpaceLife Origin embarking on this journey
Major renowned space agencies and companies are already investing billions of dollars in space tourism, space habitats and work towards the ultimate goal of colonizing other planets (e.g. the Moon and Mars). Their main reason for colonizing is creating a back-up plan, because life on Earth could become very challenging over the next century. SpaceLife Origin makes colonization efforts sustainable, by researching and executing the conditions for human reproduction in space step by step. A world’s unique and critical step for the future of mankind.

Mulder adds, “Any space company, agency or nation with ambitions to colonize other planets will benefit from partnering with us for the successful completion of their plans.”

Existing space reproduction research by renowned space agencies contributes significantly but its core focus is on animals. The vast majority of climate scientist agrees that we only have several decades to develop and ‘be ready’ for ambitious backup plans to colonize other planets. This requires a far more accelerated approach as provided by SpaceLife Origin’s mission program. 

Social responsibility
Our mission to enable human reproduction in space is built upon three core pillars:

  1. Protecting: making existing colonization back-up plans sustainable, protecting future generations
  2. Uniting: involving people of all regions in this next step in human evolution, providing non-profit Ark tubes and non-profit Lotus seats to optimize diversity across the globe
  3. Transcending: besides averting threats to life, we contribute to inspire and seize amazing opportunities for humanity enabled by colonization

Planning, pricing, and availability of our Missions:

Missions Ark – Safeguard human genetic materials in space

  • Scheduled to be operational by Q1 – 2020; sign-up process starts Q1 – 2019
  • Pricing range $30,000 to $125,000 per set of ‘Seeds-of-Life’ tubes
  • 750 commercial (for profit) tubes per Ark (+250 Non-Profit tubes to increase the ethnic diversity balance)

Missions Lotus – embryo conception in space

  • Scheduled to be operational by Q4 – 2021; sign-up process starts Q1 – 2019
  • Pricing range $250K to $5M depending on priority in the sequence (50 Seats per mission)

Missions Cradle - a baby born in space

  • Scheduled to be feasible by 2024; registration and candidate selection starts 2022
  • Pricing as well as all other terms and conditions will be disclosed at later stage

The potential customers for our Mission Ark
The early clients for the services of SpaceLife Origin Mission Ark are to be found worldwide. The initial captive and addressable market audience is calculated to be at least 30+ million people worldwide.

  • High net worth individuals – at least 10 million people worldwide are seen as able and prepared to support innovative measurements that help to safeguard their family future heritage and mankind’s future generations
  • Prepper communities worldwide – 10-15 million people seriously worried about the future of their own families, the society and Earth. This group is willing and capable of investing in protective measurements
  • IVF clients - over 6 million couples in the US alone, already involved in the process of harvesting and storing of their ‘seeds-of-life’. A market with a deep interest in securing, storing and (re)using their ‘seeds-of-life’
  • IVF centres – over 1.500 worldwide with over 1.000 in US only, who could further act as strategic medical partners to offer the various SpaceLife Origin services to their own client base
  • Space & bio-medical companies - these are licensing prospects for our IP protected technology and methodology

For additional information and background information, visit our page:

About SpaceLife Origin
SpaceLife Origin is the first bio-tech company enabling sustainable human Life Beyond Earth. Focussed at researching, developing and monetising missions and the required patent pending bio technology equipment. SpaceLife Origin is based in The Netherlands with representation in the US. Additional offices and representations will open across the globe in 2019 and beyond. SpaceLife Origin is open for investors to join our journey to enable Life Beyond Earth.

About Harvest Summit
Harvest Summit is an invitation-only Innovation Field Trip for cross-industry executive leaders, innovators, influencers and tastemakers joined by award-winning chefs, winemakers, and artisans to think, talk, and celebrate the art, science, and social impact of innovation. 

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