ANAFI Extended:
THE drone with extra-long flight time
and incomparable photography and video features!
ANAFI, the new generation of quadcopter by Parrot, is now available as an Extended version. The comprehensive ANAFI Extended pack is designed for "anytime, anywhere" portability, with a comfortable shoulder bag and three batteries that collectively provide an incredible 75 minutes of flight time.

The ANAFI Extended package includes Parrot's one-of-a-kind ANAFI flying 4K HDR camera. ANAFI will make your DSLR wish it had wings, thanks to lossless zoom and state-of-the-art features that deliver beautiful results:

  • HDR+ for videos and photos: ANAFI captures videos with beautiful, true-to-life contrast in any lighting conditions. Its HDR shooting modes make it a unique option-and a pioneer--in the consumer-drone market.
  • Panorama photo modes: Capture more of your world with five breathtaking panorama effects. Panorama Sphere, Little Planet, Tunnel, Vertical 180°, and Horizontal 180° deliver stunning immersive results.
  • Dolly Zoom: Sixty years after Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo introduced this camera effect, ANAFI became the first drone to make it accessible to everyone! With a simple tap of a touchscreen, Dolly Zoom can be configured to focus on a person, a building, a landscape detail, or anything your creativity desires.
  • Hyperlapse video: With the help of ANAFI, you can even control the flow of time! With just one click, capture the clouds moving or the waves breaking at different speeds (15x, 30x, 60x, 120x, or 240x).
  • 120 FPS Slow Motion: Witness every split second of that frontside 180 kickflip, quad cork 1800, or diving catch. Sports and action sequences shine in ANAFI's amazing 4x slow-motion videos in 720p resolution.

Packed with optimized flight controls and professional-grade photo and video features, ANAFI Extended includes everything you need for capturing your best moments from incredible new perspectives.

ANAFI Extended is available beginning October 25, 2018 at Best Buy,, B&H, Adorama, and   |  MSRP: $799.99
ANAFI Extended: The ultraportable flying camera built for your next incredible adventure

ANAFI Extended boasts capabilities and features that redefine the consumer-drone category. ANAFI is a superlative drone in every way: Ultraportable, durable, feature-packed, and lightweight (320g), it offers both easy autonomous flight and granular advanced controls.

ANAFI Extended offers plenty of juice when you're off the grid. The three included batteries provide up to 75 minutes of flight time (25 minutes/battery). USB-C charging lets you recharge from a portable power bank.

ANAFI Extended has a built-in 4K HDR camera stabilized on three axes. A vertical inclination of 180° -- an industry first -- lets you shoot straight up or down as the drone flies. A lossless 2.8x zoom (3x in standard mode) ensures you can keep your distance while capturing full-res video.
ANAFI Extended is designed for first-time flyers and expert pilots alike. Very easy to use, it offers automated camera movements to create complex shots effortlessly. For more-experienced users, ANAFI Extended also features full manual flight controls and professional-level image settings. 

Thanks to its stylish ergonomic carrying case, ANAFI Extended is ready to tag along on all your adventures. It unfolds in three seconds, and it's instantly ready to take flight and capture your most beautiful moments.

To discover all the exceptional features of ANAFI click right here.

ANAFI Extended: Incredible new video and photo features

ANAFI Extended enables your inspiration. Shoot from unusual angles, perform spectacular movements with one tap, and capture your unique perspective on the world. ANAFI Extended produces high-quality content for novices and pros alike.

ANAFI Extended also keeps getting better. Thanks to a new software update* that enhances its photo and video features, ANAFI Extended further enriches the flight experience:

HDR+: Perfectly rendered photos and videos
The new HDR+ mode offers a wider dynamic range for photos and 4K/1080p videos, automatically adapting to the brightness of any scene. Even with intense backlight, HDR+ captures perfectly contrasted images with fine detail and reduced noise.
Panorama photo modes: A whole new world
With simple taps in the FreeFlight 6 app, five panorama modes flex ANAFI Extended's extraordinary camera.

  • Vertical panorama: ANAFI Extended's gimbal pans 180° as the 21-megapixel sensor takes dozens of shots. No manual stitching required: ANAFI Extended instantly processes one impeccable image.
  • Horizontal Panorama: ANAFI Extended rotates horizontally and creates a panoramic image without any other steps required.
  • Panorama Sphere: ANAFI Extended rotates 360° as its camera vertically sweeps the scene at 180°. Thanks to the power of the FreeFlight 6 app, the shots are assembled to create a 360° image you can "move around" in and easily share on social media. You've never seen immersion like this.
  • Little Planet: Maybe you'd like to create another world entirely? In Little Planet mode, your environment is transformed into a spherical image resembling a floating globe.
  • Tunnel: If you'd like to turn the world upside-down, we recommend doing it with ANAFI. In Tunnel mode, a spherical image is created. Unlike Little Planet, the sky is in the center of the image.

New modes and video effects: unlimited imagination
ANAFI Extended brings memories to life with an extensive selection of video modes and effects:

  • Dolly Zoom: Introduced in the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo, Dolly Zoom is a complex effect with stunning results: The central element in the scene remains steady, while the background is distorted and the perspective changes. (In other words, it looks just like vertigo.) ANAFI was the first drone on the market to offer this effect, and Dolly Zoom is extending its capabilities. You can now create a Dolly Zoom with a Point of Interest (POI) as the central element, such as a building or a landmark.
  • Hyperlapse video: Perfect for capturing movement and landscape changes, Hyperlapse video mode creates new visual experiences with accelerated 15x, 30x, 60x, 120x, or 240x videos. Your choice.
  • 120 FPS Slow Motion: ANAFI Extended is built for action and sports. Capture achievements in fine detail with Slow Motion mode, which slows the action down in 720p resolution. Your impressive slow-motion films can be shared on social media in seconds.  

ANAFI Extended will help you push the boundaries of your creativity. As you master this unique drone, you'll also find plenty more exciting features to discover.


ANAFI Extended is available beginning October 25, 2018 at Best Buy,, B&H, Adorama, and   |  MSRP: $799.99

ANAFI Extended includes: 1 ANAFI drone, 3 smart batteries, 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3 controller, 1 ergonomic shoulder bag, and 2 months of free access to Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

*Software updates are available as a free download beginning Oct. 25, 2018 through the FreeFlight 6 app.
Panorama modes are available to download late November 2018.
These software updates are available for all ANAFI pilots.

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