WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) announced today that Eva Moskowitz, the founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, will be honored at the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform on Friday, December 7 in Washington, D.C. ExcelinEd’s flagship event brings together educators from across the country and internationally to discuss ideas on how to improve education equity for all children.

During this special closing keynote, Governor Jeb Bush will present Moskowitz with the Excellence in Action Award for her work on behalf of New York City’s disadvantaged students. 

In 2006, Moskowitz created Success Academy Charter Schools—the largest and best-performing public charter school network in New York City—to address an education system that was both dysfunctional and inequitable. Known as the “charter czarina,” Moskowitz has taken on the powerful entrenched status quo to guide thousands of disadvantaged students to high academic performance.

“Eva Moskowitz believes each child deserves access to a great school. And this simple conviction led her to become one of the most influential, forwarding-thinking education advocates of our time,” said Sam Duell, ExcelinEd Associate Policy Director for Charter Schools. “I can’t wait to hear her message about the hope that charter schools are bringing to students and families.”

During the 2018 National Summit on Education Reform, ExcelinEd and Governor Jeb Bush will host more than 1,000 legislators, state superintendents, policymakers and thought leaders working to build a brighter future for our nation’s families. The packed two-day event will feature notable keynote speakers and in-depth strategy sessions on evolving laws, new trends, successful policies and the latest innovations that are transforming education for the 21st century.

#EIE18 is the only conference of its kind to feature a broad range of quality, innovation and opportunity policies that prioritize student success.

Visit the National Summit website for details on this year’s event. Follow @ExcelinEd on Twitter for the latest news and updates, and use #EIE18 to join the National Summit conversation.


Jennifer Diaz