Solar Quartz Technologies Announces a Joint Venture Agreement with NanoGraphene, Inc., a high-level manufacturer of Graphene, as well as a change of the SQTX Company name to Graphene & Solar Technologies Ltd, to trade under a new symbol GSTX


NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Solar Quartz (OTC: SQTX) and NanoGraphene, Inc. (NGI) announced a Joint Venture to develop new Graphene-enhanced solar industry products and new applications using the recently developed “super material” Graphene, to enhance the generating potential of solar panels to above 40%.

NanoGraphene, Inc. (NGI) is a globally prominent New York-based Graphene manufacturer and innovative application developer with leading edge Graphene production techniques and 20 years’ experience in the establishment of solar panel factories worldwide. Roger May, of GSTX, states that NGI and GSTX plan to utilize their extensive experience and knowledge of High Purity Quartz and Solar-grade Silicon production industries together to develop new graphene enhanced solar grade materials, applications and products with remarkable new attributes not previously achievable before Graphene. GSTX is pleased to have secured an early foothold as a pioneer participant in the rapidly evolving world of combining Graphene and Solar grade materials to increase PV solar sensitivity and power generation capacity.  

The intent of the Joint Venture is to initiate development of the exciting new combination materials of graphene and silicon not presently in existence. The NGI and GSTX JV provides for establishing a jointly-located research and development facility to also develop graphene-enabled high-end electronics grade materials utilizing GSTX’s long experience in the field of producing electronic grade High Purity Quartz Sand and solar-grade silicon for solar cells.

About GSTX
GSTX is one of only a few production companies worldwide with a proven capability of manufacturing solar grade and high-end electronics-compliant High Purity Quartz Sand (HPQS), an essential primary material necessary for the manufacture photovoltaic (PV) silicon Solar Cells. GSTX is also the sole owner of the exclusive rights to two rare High Purity Quartz deposits (15 million tons) utilized as feedstock for the manufacture of PV solar cells and all electronics and semiconductor production materials.

Forward-Looking Statements
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