Guard Dog, Inc. Brings Financial Filings Up to Date and Continues Due Diligence on Past Transactions


BOULDER CITY, Nev., Oct. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- -- via OTC PR WIRE – George Sharp, President and CEO of Guard Dog, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GRDO), announced today, that the company has now completed its financial reports, up to and including the third quarter of 2018 and provided them to OTC Markets.  In addition, attorney Vic Devlaeminck has provided an attorney opinion letter as to the validity and of the annual filings.  The company now awaits OTC Markets’ comments, if any, and expects the process of designating the company as current to begin at any time.

Mr. Sharp stated, “The process of bringing the financials current was an arduous task that required a lot of discussion and clarification.  All shares that were owned by previous management have now been transferred or cancelled by mutual consent.”

Mr. Sharp chooses this time to review the events which occurred and led to the installation of current management. “On July 20, 2018, I wrote a blog post on my website which was critical of the way Mr. Schaefer was handling two other issuers that were under his control, and as a shareholder, I threatened litigation.  Mr. Schaefer took a confrontational and defensive posture and informed me that Brian Estrada no longer had an interest in managing Guard Dog.  He offered to introduce me to Mr. Estrada and challenged me to take over management of the company.  After first resisting, I decided to take on this project in an attempt to show the microcap world that it was not necessary to be devious and engage in dubious relationships in order to build a company.  Management may fail, however failure in itself is not a crime.  What is criminal-like, is setting up a company to fail, by engaging in borrowing that is impossible to repay and then misappropriating the company of the proceeds through exorbitant salaries and trumped up debt, a tactic that is engaged by all too many microcap issuers. In truth, I believe Mr. Schaefer intended to set me up to fail, but I am determined to bring my best efforts towards making Guard Dog a viable entity.  Already, the Board’s forensic investigation has led to the repatriation of 150 million shares of common stock and we expect more stock to be returned to treasury very soon.”

Mr. Sharp went on to say, “As a long-time whistleblower and consultant to those serving a role in the microcap market, I can understand anybody’s apprehension as to the prospects of success for Guard Dog, however management’s integrity and intentions are beyond reproach.  Any shareholder who has the slightest concern about the intentions of management or its efforts is encouraged to dispose of his position in the company.”

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