Bringing New Innovation to Fitness IoT, Sigma, Cycliq, and Elite are Honored for their Applications of ANT Wireless Technology

COCHRANE, Alberta, Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ANT Wireless, a division of Garmin Canada and an innovator in ultra-low power (ULP) wireless technology, today announced the recipients of their Inspired+ awards. The winners were honored at this year’s ANT Wireless Symposium held in Banff, Alberta October 2 - 4.

Now in its 10th year, the Inspired+ awards recognize IoT innovators that leverage ANT/ANT+ Wireless technology to change how we live and do business through IoT. Standing out amongst a group of seven finalists, this year’s honorees were selected based on the creativity and inspiration they bring to the IoT connectivity revolution and the superior utility of their products. The 2018 award winners are:

  • SIGMA-ELEKTRO GmbH, Inspired+ recipient for their ROX 12.0 Sport
  • Cycliq Products, Inspired+ recipient for their Fly 6 and Fly12 CE System
  • Elite, Inspired+ recipient for their Direto

“We’re proud being recognized as one of the most innovative companies using ANT+ technology in our product,” said Daniel Conka, Senior Product Manager at SIGMA-ELEKTRO. “The ANT+ certification will help to strengthen the perception of the ROX 12.0 as technically innovative and state of the art.”

“This year, we set a new standard for the conversation around IoT and sought to select winners that exemplify how sensors and IoT applications are expanding and improving,” said Andrew Skarsgard, Director at ANT Wireless at Garmin Canada. “It was a thrill to welcome companies from across the globe spanning not just sports and fitness, but also to broader commercial and industrial applications at this year’s Symposium. We look forward to contributing to continued IoT innovation across all these industries.”

The 2018 Symposium welcomed over 70 leaders and luminaries from across the globe including Nordic Semiconductor, Maxim Integrated, Microsoft, Sentenai, DC Rainmaker and many more. The conference explored core themes and industries that are contributing to the transformative opportunities within IoT.

About ANT / ANT+ (

ANT is an established protocol and silicon solution for ultra-low power (ULP) practical wireless networking applications. With millions of deployed nodes, ANT is perfectly suited for any kind of low data rate sensor network topologies; from peer-to-peer or star, to practical mesh; in personal area networks (PAN) which are well suited for sports, fitness, wellness and home health applications, or in local area networks (LAN) in home and IoT applications.

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