ICOx Innovations’ Client RYDE Holding Inc. Launches Post-Licensing Portal (PLP) on their KODAKOne platform

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

The KODAKOne PLP is able to handle up to 1 billion images per second

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ICOx Innovations Inc. (OTC: ICOX) (the “Company” or “ICOx Innovations”), which creates loyalty, reward, gaming, and payment cryptocurrencies for established companies that can benefit and grow their business through blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, announced today that the blockchain-based KODAKOne Image Rights Management Platform has launched their Post-Licensing Portal (PLP), a key pillar of the KODAKOne Platform services.

The KODAKOne PLP offers intelligent web crawler and state of the art image recognition technology, offering photographers and rightsholders dependable image usage tracking online accompanied by a credible and user-friendly approach to help turn infringers into customers. The portal provides a simple stepwise process to make it easy and acceptable to license image usages retroactively and avoid unnecessary legal disputes. 

The platform uses AI to enrich image metadata, flag necessary rights clearances and predict licensing value based on similar known images. The soon to be launched smart contract implementation will allow for the scaling of licence management while the integration of the KODAKCoin will allow for instant settlement of licenses as well as improved monetization and liquidity for content creators.

“KODAKOne’s purpose is to legalize rather than criminalize unauthorized image usage and to ensure content creators get paid fairly for their work,” said Jan Denecke, CEO RYDE Holding Inc.. “The PLP is only the first of the platform services and will be enhanced with the KODAKOne blockchain registry and smart contract and management layer.” 

“The KODAKOne team has been laser focused on the release of the Post-License Portal,” said Bruce Elliott, President of ICOx Innovations. “It is the pillar of the KODAKOne platform combining AI with the blockchain which enables the platform to crawl 1 billion images per second. This has massive significance in image rights protection and how images are crawled and subsequently will be post-licensed going forward.”

About ICOx Innovations
ICOx Innovations is positioned for the long term as an enterprise platform for building blockchain economies for established brands. ICOx Innovations provides a platform for the design and creation of crypto economies that solve real-world problems with established organizations. ICOx Innovations provides operational insights intended to benefit and grow its customers’ businesses through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The ICOx Innovations platform is compliance-driven and combines rigorous strategic planning, capital structuring, technical integration and token economics model development, designed to allow its clients to create sustainable economies. The ICOx Innovations team co-founded KODAKOne, a blockchain-based image-rights management platform, and is the co-architect of KODAKCoin, the token that will reward and incentivize the KODAKOne platform users. Notably the Honorable Edmund C. Moy, 38th Director of the United States Mint (2006-2011) and the Honorable Alphonso Jackson, Former US Cabinet Secretary & Former Vice-Chair of JP Morgan Chase are members of the ICOx Board of Directors.

For more information on ICOx Innovations, go to: www.icoxinnovations.com.

About RYDE Holding Inc.

RYDE Holding Inc. (formerly WENN Digital, Inc.), a brand licensee of Eastman Kodak Company, is the creator and operator of the KODAKOne Platform and the KODAKCoin Tokens. Ryde and its advisors are an experienced development and operations team with expertise in proprietary blockchain development, big data, copyright law, AI-enabled image recognition and post-licensing monetization systems. For more information, go to kodakone.com.

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