Inspire Insights: A powerful data platform enabling pharma researchers to achieve patient-focused drug development

ARLINGTON, Va., Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Life sciences companies can now gain a deeper understanding of patients across the drug development lifecycle through new solutions that Inspire launched today.

Inspire Insights will help the industry to integrate the real world patient voice and experience into strategic research, according to Monica St Claire, a linguist and the Inspire Insights Product Lead. The incorporation of patient voice into the drug development process is a focus of the FDA, and is crucial to shortening the drug development timeline and ensuring effective clinical trials recruitment and retention.

Inspire’s unique growing archive of health text, which has never before been used this fully for these purposes, contains deep information about the patient health journey and concerns that can be leveraged to solve some of the biggest clinical trial challenges. The combination of that text and structured patient reported outcomes from those patients gives Inspire a unique and unmatched dataset, according to St Claire.

As leaders in online healthcare community activity and patient language, Inspire’s research team engages directly with patients and caregivers in primary research. In an anonymized manner, Inspire leverages advanced analytics and sociolinguistic-based approaches to gather, identify, and analyze authentic structured and unstructured patient and caregiver social media content, St Claire said. Inspire's social media research and analytics capabilities now include not only its proprietary community content of more than 1.5 billion words written by members, but also public social media.

Inspire’s expanded research solutions meaningfully and expertly transform patient voice data into a how-to guide for patient centricity, focused for R&D, commercial, treatment center, and government agency stakeholders, St Claire added.

“We have the ability to speak directly with our community members, gather and quantify their opinions and perspective in surveys, and learn from publicly-shared content on Inspire and the other key sources of social media activity," said St Claire. “This means we can select and combine the best methods with real world patient and caregiver voice data to deliver business-changing insights and recommendations--including everything from optimized and compelling messaging, to informed and improved trial designs that better accommodate patients, include more meaningful outcomes, and require fewer amendments, which can delay trial progression and ultimately delay a treatment reaching patients.”

Inspire has had an Insights solutions product, which focused more on the needs of commercial brand managers looking to understand patient journey and craft compelling messaging. While Inspire will continue to service those professionals, the expanded solutions will help the research departments at life sciences companies gather patient input and feedback in rapidly and cost-effectively, according to Jeff Terkowitz, Inspire’s VP of Product.

The expanded solutions include:

  • Insights Discover brings Inspire’s proprietary content--the largest repository of English-language patient-created content about health on the Internet--together with key publicly available, open source, social media data for comprehensive intelligence on the experiences and behaviors of patients and caregivers.  
  • Insights Engage is our suite of research methodologies--surveys, interviews and small group engagements--informed by insights from the over 200 Inspire communities specific to rare diseases, cancer, autoimmune and chronic conditions to measure, validate, and explore. These advisory boards can replace traditional in-person advisory boards while enabling companies to collect deeper data around the issues.

In addition, Inspire is offering an enterprise solution that bundles all the Insights products into a more streamlined, cohesive offering to be leveraged across many customers’ therapeutic areas and research teams.

As part of introducing industry leaders to Inspire’s new research solutions, the company will host What Matters to People Impacted by Rare Disease: An Inspire-FDA Collaboration, a free hour-long webinar on Nov. 8, led by Sara Ray, Inspire’s senior director of research. Ray will draw upon recent research to share insights into rare disease patients’ perspectives and experiences.

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Inspire is the leading healthcare social network, with a mission to accelerate medical progress through a world of connected patients. The company creates and manages support communities for more than one million patients and caregivers, representing some 3,600 conditions. Inspire consults with pharmaceutical companies, leading medical centers and government agencies to integrate patient-centricity into the pharmaceutical product lifecycle and patient care journey, accelerating and improving research & development, and clinical trial design and recruitment through post-marketing brand/unbranded activities and pharmacovigilance.

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