Red Shield Auto Extended Protection Plan

Extended Protection Plan Company Helps Drivers From Costly Out of Pocket Repairs

Overland Park, UNITED STATES

Overland Park, Kansas, Oct. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Purchasing an extended auto warranty protection plan is no longer an option but a necessity for many motorists. Despite the benefits of such a program, picking a suitable auto insurance company can be overwhelming given the variety of options available on the market today. The good news is that Red Shield Auto Administration/Protection plans are designed to offer the best possible coverage for your automobile. RED shield not only saves you the trouble of looking for a comprehensive car warranty but also guarantees great value for money for all their protection plans. Red Shield Auto has experienced rapid growth in the past few years thanks to their commitment to understanding customer needs.

Car owners are well aware of the complications associated with pre-owned cars; from high insurance costs to costly repairs. New car owners should also know that manufacturer warranties are often limited and rarely offer comprehensive coverage. Motorists lacking extended auto plans are often forced to pay thousands of dollars as an out-of-pocket expense to cover engine, transmission and other minor repairs. RED shield auto turns these costly nightmares into happy endings by providing tailor-made auto packages to suit your vehicle, motorcycle, driving habits, and budget.

About RED shield auto

RED shield is an extended auto dealership company that was founded in 2011 by Elijah Norton. Norton established the company after realizing the agony that most motorists go through; from poorly written service contracts to terrible customer service. As a result, Elijah Norton formed Red Shield Auto Administration/Protection with the aim of offering innovative and customer-friendly auto service contracts at unbeatable rates. Though the company has a claims office in Overland Park, Kansas, the headquarter office was recently relocated to a new state-of-the-art office located in Phoenix Arizona. The company has experienced rapid growth from having 3 employees in 2011 to over 100 employees. Since its inception in 2011, the company has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to its customers, business partners and their umbrella organization (RED Auto).

Protection plans

The company offers 3 protection plans for car owners and a host of other programs for motorcyclists as well. The three automobile programs include the red shield select program, guard program, and the essentials program. The select program offers coverage options for both new and used cars with terms of up to 80,000 miles. Guard program offers premium plus, powertrain plus and powertrain enhanced protection plans as well as custom packages that cover up to 100,000 miles. Finally, the essentials plan is more of a short-term auto protection plans that offer 3 to 9 months of vehicle coverage.

Roadside assistance and towing

All of RED Shield's auto plans do offer emergency roadside assistance, car rental and towing services in the unfortunate event your vehicle breaks down when you are out of town. With this option, you also get to select a repair ship of your preference. On top of that, the company is also A rated by the better business bureau (BBB) thanks to their excellent auto service contracts.

For more information about any of our plans feel free to visit any of their Kansas or Phoenix offices, or better yet call them at (888) 740-6170.


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